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Have a Sombre Eid Everyone!

Aren’t you tired of the monotonous “Happy” and “Mubarik” Eids year after year? Why not try something different, like a “Sombre” Eid, for a change? Don’t hand a 1000 rupee note to every one of your ten nephews. They already have plenty and will blow the money up in a day. Give them each a […]

Allergic Terrorists

I just got a 12 point "Security Update" from my kid's school. Point number 12 says [italics are mine]: Kindly user private cars if possible while picking-up and dropping off your children. We have been informed that the terrorists are allergic to uniform and liveried personnel. Interesting choice of words there… but I was wondering, […]

Iraqi Children are Dying – Confidently

The American government is intent on justifying America's war against children terror by any possible means, but this 'research' funded by the US Military is a sad joke. It claims that the invasion boosted the self-esteem of Iraqi teenagers. Ofcourse, they are still dying, but at least they are dying honorably. As we have been […]