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Here are the answers to the questions that you people have been asking me over twitter using the #q2rv tag.

Hi back to all the people who just wanted to say hi, and thank you to the people who messaged to appreciate what I have been trying to do.

At what point that night did @ReallyVirtual and his Abbottabad posse realized the helicoper crash was related to #OBL

It happened early in the morning in fact, when the rumors really started flooding in.

@ReallyVirtual Did Bin Laden drink caffeinated, or decaf coffee?? 🙂

From the news reports regarding his courier, it seems like he was a Pepsi and/or Coke drinker.

Did the report from a “sweeper” about another family dying in the helicopter crash turn out to be incorrect?

The sweeper actually said that the helicopter crashed on top of a house, and that there was a family and children living there that died – so it wasn’t exactly incorrect.

Do you have an idea what the neighbors saw happening in that house the last months/year

Do you think his neighbors didn’t know who lived there or didn’t wonder?

How common in ABT to have high walls + barbed wire for compounds?

The residents of that house kept their distance from the neighbors, mostly, besides a guy who was friendly with a few neighbors. The walls were too high to peek inside, which is typical of the culture in this region so it did not raise suspicions. The women living inside were not seen.

How many followers you had before you heard that helicopter sound

Somewhere between 500-1000.

Did the pak army cordon off entire area & tell ppl to remain indoors 2 hrs before strike, as an article claims?

I overheard a local saying the same thing near the compound, but can not confirm it. There was an unscheduled power outage half hour or so before the attack though.

Can you get/use solar panels? Are all road signs in English? …Thanks for all you are doing to make world smaller!!

Solar panels/alternate energy is still expensive but slowly catching up here. My neighbor deals in solar panels and told me he has installed them on more than one locations in the Swat valley.

What do u believe the likelihood is Pak security services didn’t know he was there? How long have u/ the compound been there?

If the power was cut deliberately before the raid, that points towards a possible cooperation by the authorities. A neighbor said the compound was already there when they moved into the neighborhood 5 or 6 years ago.

Did or not the pak army cordon off area before the helicoptors came in?

A couple of people living in the area said they did. It was 1AM though, and the city goes to sleep at around 9-10PM here so there is not much traffic or people moving around. I could not find anyone who was stopped by the army to enter the area at that time.

If you had any idea Osama Bin Laden and his family lived in that compound, what do you think you would have Tweeted?

Tweeting about it would have been a very bad idea in that case.

Anyone saw OBL outside house?

Do you think #obl ever came out of the “house” even for Friday prayer? There must be a mosque close to the compound right?

I heard a neighbor (of the compound) telling a journalist that there might have been a guy who used to come out for the Friday prayers from the compound, but nobody recognized him as OBL.

Do you think the army knew something was going on?

From what I have read/heard, that seems to be the case.

Is it appropriate for the U.S. to produce proof of the person who was taken from the compound, to the world?

Do you think the picture of a dead Bin Laden should be shown?

Yes, proof of his death (images preferrably) is what the locals/neighbors are demanding – it could be denial, but if the US has the pictures, publishing them will help in a proper closure to the story.

Why are there never any women in the pictures you tweet? Are they not allowed out of the house? Pakistan seems shitty


Can you spot the women in this picture? Does this make Pakistan seem less shittier? 🙂

Did you hear shooting between arrival and leaving of the helicopters?

No, I was not that close to the site.

Did you ever wonder who lived in that house since it is much larger than the other houses in the neighborhood?

There are houses much larger than that one in Abbottabad, some cover ten times the area (and are real mansions).

So, do the people of your town believe OBL was killed?

The local people are still skeptical and are demanding proof.

Do you think the Pakistan army knew where Bin Laden was hiding?

I do not know.

How is your government reacting to your fame are there any “freedom of speech” laws you need to be concerned with?

Every local is talking to the journalists here – there are locals that have much more detailed information than me. I have not been approached by any government official.

How tired are you?

I managed to get some rest after learning how to keep my phoen turned off, so besides the sore throat from all the talking, I am doing okay 🙂

Can I ask what #q2rv stands for? Sorry if that is a dumb question.

Questions to ReallyVirtual

Are people there happy or angry that bin laden is gone?

Some are not sure he was there in the first place. The ones that believe he is dead are mostly glad.

Do you serve Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee in your cafe?

The coffee shop is using gourmet coffee imported from Yemen and Italy. It has been open for two months only, and is still a work in progress.

Is it true tht coz of the helicopter crash the marines didn’t took the rest of the ppl in that house?

I have not heard anything along those lines.

You are a celebrity now! how do you feel?

Ever expected to be so famous?

It was certainly in my plans, but not right now and not due to this.

And now a career in journalism?

I do not think so – not after looking at what all the journalists in town have to go through 🙂 I will restart writing though.

Will you be creating a book about your experiences over the past couple of days and coming weeks?

If I think I have an interesting story to tell or a perspective worth sharing, I might actually think about it.

Why do you suppose the local cops didn’t arrive during the lengthy gunbattle?

From what I have heard, there was no lengthy gunbattle.

What did you mean when you referenced using a “fly swatter?” I thought it was hilarious!

Fly swatters are for flies. The one I referenced is MUCH larger.

What’s it like to be tech-savvy & connected in a country where electricity is rationed?

What do you do when it’s off?

I use a UPS and a generator, but a power failure is good for forced breaks too.

jab yeh sab hungama khatam ho jaega phir kya karogay


Think they’ll put you on the no fly list?

I guess I will have to find out the next time I try to fly.

You are in high demand and refuse to accept money, have you considered having the media donate shoes or food for the needy in A’bad?

I don’t want money to be involved in this exchange of information – that would make me a ‘journalist’ and I don’t want to be tagged like that. If the visiting media members want, they can donate out of their own generosity, I would not want to extort charity out of them.

What seems to be the overall feeling about the events of the past few days around Pakistan (or at least in A’bad area)?

There are mixed feelings – some people are in denial, others are happy and I am sure there are a few sad faces here and there as well.

Is your coffee shop at least getting business from all the media around?

Only a little.

Has min. 16 brought insight to your role as ad hoc journalist & human voice reporting on militarism w/humor?

I still have a few dozen pending interview requests.

A little humor is necessary to survive in the Pakistani environment. I don’t consider myself as an ad hoc journalist though.

Have you ever been to the United States?

Yes, I have spent a month or so in California and Las Vegas a few years ago.

What is your website Really Virtual like? What kind of updates can I follow?

It used to be my blog, but has been abandoned for the last couple of years. I will revive it this week.

Aren’t you frustrated with so many questions from media and ‘Tweets’ in fact which made you celebrity?

I am frustrated by repeating the same information over and over again, which is why I posted an FAQ.

What question ppl asking u the most?

‘Did you know that OBL lived in your city?’ is that question, sadly.

Do you like the way President Obama pronounces Pakistan? LOL! sounds hot 😛

I know Amreekis can’t pronounce it correctly and don’t expect them to.

What’s your #coffee of choice in the morning? I figured U may want a different kind of question! Also, what espresso machine u use?

These days, I am running on 7-8 espresso shots per day L The coffee shop has a couple of semi-automatic Saeco machines, and will upgrade to a 3 group professional machine when needed.

Here is a link to a conspiracy forum talking about you might want to dispel some myths http://bit.ly/iHmiSb

I will try to do that, as soon as I collect my Rs. 50 from my paymasters

How are you going to entertain all these new twitter followers?

I am not an entertainer, really.

I’d like to know more about u honestly. Where did u grow up? What are your parents like? Did u go to school for IT?

I grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, and have an MSc. in computer science.

if you tweet using an AP that translates arabic to english, when people respond in english, how do you translate what they are saying?

I translate it from English to Italian, Italian to French, and then from French to Arabic.

Would you accept an offer to be the Pakistani Ambassador to the US if offered? Please?

I don’t think so – that would not be fun. I’d rather stay in Pakistan and make a small contribution to its economy and betterment.

How common are helicopters in Abbottabad?

Abbottabad was the helipad/supply dropping area for relief goods for the affectees of the earth quake of 2005, so it has seen its share of helicopters, but they are not common at night.

Have you lived in Pakistan your entire life? Did you learn English elsewhere?

I have visited the US, China and UAE, but have spent most of my life in Pakistan. The private schools in Pakistan are usually English-medium, and it is the official language of Pakistan.

What do u put in YOUR espresso corretto?

I drink virgin espresso corretto

If you heard/saw the entire thing from nearby, how come no Pakistani military or police showed up? They had to hear it.

I heard the beginning of the entire thing. The neighbors close to the site told me police showed up, but late.

OBL family (daughter and wife) have confirmed to Al-Arabia that OBL is killed. What more proof doe we need?

The neighbors don’t know OBL’s daughter and wife – so they want to see pictures of the dead body before they’d believe the news.

What did you think about Twitter before and what do you think about it now?

As an IT professional, I started using twitter when it was in beta, and the recent incidents have verified my beliefs about the potential of twitter.

When is daybreak in ABT? do the light conditions match timestamps in these photos http://bit.ly/mueeiq

The timestamp on the image is 05:21. It is 5:37 right now and already bright outside, so I think there is no discrepancy.

What’s your estimate of how much the UBL compound land is worth-250K or 1M? how many usd is 20M rupees? http://nyti.ms/l5zYZr

20M Rs. is roughly 236,000 US$ – it is a pretty large compound, so 20M can be a reasonable price, depending on when it was bought.

How difficult to get land records in ABT?

I have never had to get one, so I don’t really know, but land-grabbing mafia and fake documents are a reality here.

Should Pakistan be publicly scrutinized by the US when they are unwilling to prove OBL was even there in the 1st place?

No. I think they should provide concrete evidence of OBL’s death (and not just statements about it), satisfy the disbelievers, and then they will have probably earned the right to scrutinize Pakistan.

I hope those that thinks this is all fake are convinced, now we have real dead people to look at at OBL’s house.

I think the locals have already seen a lot of dead bodies in their lifetimes -they just need to see Osama’s dead body.

radio journo in Boston would like to know what did you mean by “there goes the neighborhood”? intriguing statement.

Abbottabad has never attracted a lot of attention from either the terrorists or the media. The event was certainly going to change all that – hence the statement.

You mentioned your phone is being used for music, what are you currently playing?

Dogs of War – Pink Floyd

Cuisine questions: Chicken kebab or Lamb kebab? Mango Lassi or tea? Samosas: potato or meat? Chana: spicy or mild?

Beef Kebab. Tea. Potato. Spicy.

Which actor do you want to play you in the movie? I’m thinkn jimmy smits

I hope they don’t decide to waste 1.5 hours of millions of viewers on it. Tell them to wait for another decade and I’ll try to add some more material to the story.

How has the events of the past few days affected you, both in personal life and on the Internet….. e.g twitter 🙂

In personal life, lack of sleep and the media constantly interrupting me has been the only major change. Online, I have to watch what I tweet now (which sucks), but I am trying to be myself.

How much are people in your town saying “I wish I’d known – I could have had $25million USD!”

The people in my town know that even if they had reported him, the money would have probably been Rs. 25 by the time it reached them 🙂 I have not heard anyone say that yet, besides some army generals according to a report I read – they said ‘if we had known, we’d be having 1000$ massages in Las Vegas’ or something along those lines.

How did your friends and neighbors handle the news of the killing of bin Laden

Most of the people I know have spent maybe 10-15 minutes on the topic and moved on.

Got any IT web related jobs available?!

Not really, not yet, but do you know how to make coffee?

Do you think we could get the crew of Ghost Hunters International into the compound to see if Bin Laden’s ghost is hanging around?

Maybe in a few years, after the ghost has grown up.

Do you play golf on the local course? Is it a nice one on Pakistani standarts?

I am not a golf player.

@ReallyVirtual The helicopters that were used – were they any louder than normal military helicopters?

The one I heard certainly was – though I can’t say for sure whether it was one of the helicopters that attacked or if it was a backup/support helicopter.

How do you and your friends and family feel about the controversial “Sea Burial”? Is it controversial there as well?

Yes, it is controversial. If there is a body, it can be dug up at a later stage – even decades later – for post mortem analysis. Also, muslims are usually buried in the ground, not at sea.

Do you believe OBL is dead?

It would be interesting if there is a video of him next week, holding the latest newspaper 🙂

Where do I get the best bhang lassi in Abbottabad?

I have no clue. People here generally prefer chars.

Are you originally from the US?

No, I was born and grew up in Lahore, Pakistan.

http://twitpic.com/4tdt94 What is written in this photo?

My translators will get back to you on this.

I ‘d not stay next to the fire (I mean in my own house) after what happen!

Do you have any regrets about tweeting the other night given that it has probably changed your life for a few days?

Having regrets is a waste of time.

You tweeted a serene picture on Sunday of an empty street. Could you post from that same spot now that the media has descended?

If I post a new picture again, the people will start asking me why I am posting the same picture again and again, like they did the last time. Things have not changed in the streets.

What’s the best day trip from Abbottabad?

You can go to Thandiani, Naran or Khanpur.

What is the avg response time of the cops/military? The shooting/explosions lasted 40min and yet no one showed.

The neighbors said that a firetruck showed up first, but it was stuck in a small ditch. The police showed up next and asked where the problem was.

Is it possible that Altaf Hussain could be hiding there aswell?

No, nobody has heard anyone singing songs in strange scales in Abbottabad.

I hope all this publicity doesn’t put you in danger.

It has not so far. Thanks for you concern.

I like your tweets, but do you fear any retaliation from #OBL’s followers for tweeting about his death? are you safe?

OBL’s followers? LOL

Did you hear the “Silence” that night? #q2rv

Yes, I was enjoying it – until the helicopter interrupted.

How common is it to burn trash? How do you dispose your own trash?

It is very common here unfortunately, though there are dumps that are regularly cleaned by the authorities.

Can u please also add a little biography of urs as well in FAQ?

I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you ever seen some cia guys around Abbottabad ?

You mean men in black suits, wearing sunglasses and earpieces? No, I haven’t.

Have residents of Abbottabad started tweeting now seeing all the attention u r getting?

I have introduced two friends to twitter – they are already using it to connect and converse with their heroes. I used to have a search query saved for #Abbottabad to see if someone else from Abbottabad had joined twitter – but of course, it is of no use now.
Tweeple from #Abbottabad are welcome to arrange a tweetup at the coffeeshop though 🙂

What does #Abbottabad mean in Pakistani language?

The Pakistani language is Urdu. ‘abad’ is the suffix for ‘land of’, as the city was named by an ‘Abbott’ hence the name.

Do you travel to Japan? How about Japan do you think? Do you want to go to Kyoto,Fuji mountain,Akiba?

I would love to travel around the world some day, when I can.

are most of your followers english speakers?

I think so – at least the ones using @ReallyVirtual are mostly speaking in English.

What do you think about the US killing alleged terrorist in your country? Does the usage of drones make it worse?

Each drone attack makes it a bit worse as long as there is ‘collateral damage’ involved.

Wanted to get your view on whethr its true that high walled compounds with barbed wire are very common in ur area?

Not very common, but there are quite a few houses built that way.

Are there other Abbottabad tweeps using languages other than English? Did any happen to live tweet the OBL attack?

Most Pakistanis tweet in English. There are not many twitter users in Abbottabad – I hope that will change.

I have heard that ISI knew of raid & gave intelligence to US, but can’t tell aam aadmi, or will losing face. Thoughts?
He said ISI knew more than they were saying b/c of anti-American sentiment among many Pakis. Kindly share your thoughts

I think the army was talking about this being a joint operation to SAVE face.

I noticed u lol when someone asked u about #OBL followers…can I ask why? Is he not seen as a threat there?

I was laughing at the unintentional (?) twitter pun. I did not kill him, so they should not waste time to bother me (I hope).

You mentioned in your #q2rv about your Coffee I live In Costa Rica,we have very good coffee here,Icould send you some samples

Thank you, I am always up to sample new bean varieties.

In the future your area could become a tourist trap for curiosity seekers, is the area equipped to handle tourists?

Abbottabad has been a tourist hub since ages. The Karakoram Highway leads to China, and many mountaineers stay in Abbottabad.
The beautiful northern areas of Pakistan are also close by so the city has been acting as the base from which to explore Kaghan, Naran, Swat etc. Tourists aren’t a new phenomenon here.

With all the media in town, do you see an increase in local revenue, such as hotel, restaraunts, and so forth?

I was hoping it would bring business to the locals, but since the international journalists are being asked to leave, so that opportunity is lost. There were hotel and restaurant ads all the time on the local radio station in the last 3 days.

We are getting news now that dozens in Abbattobad have been arrested, Hopefully not you, have you heard the same?

Yes, the arrested are said to be linked to the OBL compound or its residents. I am not.

Do you think the West overestimates the strength and influence of Al-Qaeda in the Arab world?

Pakistan is not in the Arab world – so I can’t say anything about that. In Pakistan though, you will find a lot more ‘regular’ people than Al-Qaeda sympathizers.

I wonder why people in abbottabad didn’t detect CIA safe house neither. Is it around there?

People in Abbottabad see a lot of foreigners visiting. Maybe the CIA agents did not come out of their safe house either – like Osama?

Cracking OBL’s Harddisks: Simple or not? http://bit.ly/lzKoJz #q2rv #OBL

I think a project like SETI@home might help speed things up for the dictionary attack, if the world donates its extra CPU cycles.

What are some major differences culturaly and otherwise between Afghans and Pakistanis?

There is an overlap between Afghans and Pakistanis via Pashtuns. You will find Pashtuns in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. They move across the border and marriages across the border are very common. There are too many other cultures and ethnicities in Pakistan to compare the two countries otherwise.

What is a “sweeper?”

A sweeper is a person employeed by the city/local government as part of a team to keep the city clean – usually by sweeping roadsides with a broom.

Are there any pics of the CIA hideout?

There must be – but I have not seen any yet. Sorry.

Did Pakistan ever try any kind of ‘Have you seen anything suspicious/Is your neighbour hiding OBL?’ ad campaign?

Not specifically for OBL as far as I recall, but there have been many campaigns pointing out the fact that a terrorist usually looks like a normal person – and to stay aware of your surrounding.

Some people are saying that Abbottabad is a portal to the alien world. You know,like in the Half Life game. Is it true?

Yes, that is true. My giant swatter is a modified gravity gun actually.

Hi, are there jazz music fans in Abbottabad? In coffee shops here, jazz is common, what music do you play in yours?

There are quite a few jazz fans and musicians though they are not part of the mainstream music scene. Jazz used to be common in the 70s, until the ban on nightclubs and bars – at least that is the story I have heard. In Coffity, we usually play ambient/downtempo/lounge/neojazz, though with a LAN based jukebox set up, you can also hear Lady Gaga and Akon if the customers queue them up 🙂

Are there a lot of kids making a living from rubbish in your home town ? Am interested in this story

Yes, there are a lot of kids making a living from rubbish collection in all major cities of Pakistan. They act as a natural recycling system, and many are the offsprings of Afghan refugees during the 80s.

Why do you answer all those #NotSoFAQ about what you like to eat and what film you would like to play in? Like It? LOL

I am trying to answer all questions asked of me, without being judgemental – like your question right here.

Has mdia genrly been respectful of you&locals? You mentioned incidences before;how does international vs local compare?

Who is more demanding foreign press or local?

I have not really talked to the local media much. I just started getting emails from the local media 5 days after the incident – maybe they finally saw the REUTERS Urdu interview that I recorded, or maybe they are just not interested. I hope it is the later case 🙂

Are there many Christians living in your part of Pakistan?

Yes. There are 3 active churches in Abbottabad that conduct services in English and Urdu. The cleaning lady working at my home is a christian. My school was named ‘Cathedral High School’ and had a 120 year old church in the school building. We were taught the Lord’s prayer and sang hymns during the morning assembly, and my christian classmates studies Islamic studies with us too.

Is It Common Place 4 U Guys 2 Know English? Do The Women/Girls Learn It? Learning It in Elementary Schools?

English is the official langauge of Pakistan, even though the national language is Urdu. Most private schools are english-medium, while the government schools start teaching english as a language in the pre-teen classes.

I’ve been following you and you have such perfect English. Better then some Americans. How did you learn?

School, books, movies, conversations – same as most people here.

Do U Guys Have Access 2 American TV or R Ur Channels “Regulated”?

There are more than 100 channels on the cable, which include most American (and British) entertainment and news channels. There are a few incidents of ‘regulation’ now and then, but generally there are no bans.

Do Muslims in General Consider OBL 2 B a Muslim?

I can not speak for the Muslims of the world, obviously, but here in Abbottabad, there are people who say he was a muslim hero, and those who say he was not muslim as he murdered thousands.

A suggestion rather than a question: wouldn’t it be easier for everybody if you aggregated and combined faq and nsfaq?

I will move answers to the questions that I receive more than 3-4 times to the FAQs.

People are also saying that they want Abbottabad to be renamed as Atharabad. Pretty cool idea, what do you think?

I have not heard anything of that sort in Abbottabad and would not recommend the idea either. The last renaming (from NWFP to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) did not exactly go that well for Pakistan.

Do you think Afia Siddiqui was or is an Al Qaeda member or operative? Do you think she’s an innocent victim?

She could have been both, or neither. Sorry if that sounds cryptic.

You need to option this story in Hollywood, my friend! @wernerherzog, how about a doc?

The story will probably translate into 15 minutes of watchable content. I don’t want the world to suffer through the remaining 1 hours 🙂

Power was cut off before or after the operation??

Yes, the neighborhood residents say the power was cut off half hour or so before the incident, and are using this fact to suggest that the Pakistani authorities were cooperating.

Do you have a camel and if so what is it’s name?

No, I do not have a camel, or a car. I try to walk when I can, and take a cab when I can’t.

Is that [restriction on foreign journalists’ movement within Abbottabad Cantt] for their safety or does the government restrict all movement in Pakistan?

I think it is the former, and is not really strictly enforced.

We keep hearing about “the tribal regions”. Is this Pakistan if it isn’t under govt control? Are the laws different than n Pakistan?

Yes, the tribal regions are under partial government control. They get representation in the national assembly, get to practice their own version of the judicial system, and are basically (or were) at a truce with the Pakistan government.

What are your personal feelings about America sending special forces in without Pakistan’s permission?

Pakistani people feel the same way as the Americans would feel, had the roles been reversed.

So regarding a more important matter, who do you think is going to win the IPL this year?

I don’t care much for cricket and think it is a waste of millions of hours of collective time – time that could be put to a much better use.

How is an average woman’s life in Pakistan? This is a big debate.

There is no such thing as an ‘average woman’ in Pakistan. The deviation from the mean is too wide to generalize.

Pakistan really peaceful since the raid and killing of OBL? was he really killed?

No, Pakistan is not really peaceful – there has been at least one drone attack since the Operation Geronimo.

Do we know what happened to OBL’s wife and daughter Sofia, or what will happen to them? Thanks.

Last I heard, the survivors of the attack were with the Pakistani authorities.

Do you know of Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea)? Do you believe he’s a fraud?

Three Cups of Tea was in my reading list, still haven’t gotten around to it though.

Do most people in Abbottabad speak Urdu or English? Is it split generationally, like older ppl speak Urdu, younger Eng?

English is more commonly spoken in Abbottabad than many other cities. I know many older people who prefer English. The local language is ‘Hindko’ which is similar to Punjabi, and Pushto is also a major language.

Most valid point Chomsky made was regarding the blatant use of “Geronimo” in this mission! What are your thoughts?

Yes, that is the point that prompted me to share the Chomsky article. I have more than one Native American friends, to quote one of those friends:

I have just heard anecdotal reactions from my [….] and his
friends, who were all extremely offended. They said the use of
Geronimo reinforces the U.S. Government view that Native Americans are
still seen as enemies. Overall, I think it was an exceptionally
insensitive move, especially given the number of native youth who are
in the U.S. Military.
I am sure there have been articles and blog posts written about it
from the native perspective – if I find sources, I will pass them on.

I have long dreamed of cycling karakoram highway -do you ever see cycle tourists these days? Luv your work!

Yes, I have seen small groups of cycle tourists in the last three years more than once.

Are you religious? you seem too smart to be religious?
Are you Muslim?

I am a Muslim, though I do not ‘practice’ by praying 5 times daily. That technically makes me a sinner.

What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding Americans and/or Westerners have about Pakistan & its culture?

There are too many misunderstandings to list here, but I will try to talk about them on my blog when I can.

Pardon my ethnocentrism, but if Pakistan not a part of the “Arab World,” what are you?

Pakistan is part of South Asia and is not in the ‘Middle East’ as some people commonly mistake it to be. The Indus civilization is very different from the Arab civilization.

Were the people of Abbottabad surprised at the discovery of Osama Bin Laden living there? (for years?)

It was a ‘Meh’ moment for many.

Which kind of connectivity you have over there ? Broadband, wifi, GPSR, 3G, UMTS, dialup modem, satelite?

I have Broadband DSL at home and the coffee shop, WiMax as a backup/portable connection, and unlimited GPRS on my cellphone for when things really go wrong.

Windows, Linux, or Mac? And what mobile OS?

Windows and Kubuntu on Asus ROG G73JH. Android on Nexus One.

… to be continued …

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