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Memory Hungry PHP Applications on Shared Hosting

If you run your WordPress on a shared hosting server like / (which have excellent service by the way), and have several memory-hungry php applications or WordPress plugins installed, you must have run into an "Allowed memory size exhausted" fatal error a few times. For me it happened yesterday while uploading a mere […]

WordPress Comments Messed Up with Redirection … and the Hack

Read the comments 🙂

Fixing Sociable plugin implode error with WordPress 2.2

I’ve been trying to find some spare time to properly set up this blog before actually blogging. So far things haven’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked. First, I started getting the same 404s after upgrading to WordPress 2.2. After a few email exchanges with webhost4life, they upgraded my server to PHP5 and […]

Tag test

Testing the Tag Warrior plugin… it mentions using .htaccess so I hope this works… here goes… UPDATE: It didn’t work 🙁 I was getting 404 on the local tag links, so had to disable it. Trying other plugins now. UPDATE: Ultimate Tag Warrior didn’t work, two other tagging plugins didn’t work, now trying jerome’s keyword […]