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Bajour, Bajor, What’s the Difference?

As a trekkie-in-denial who watched the whole Deep Space Nine this year and who is also a citizen of Pakistan, I can’t help being reminded the Bajor of DS9 each time somebody is killed in the Bajour of Pakistan. Those of you who have seen the series (and know about the Bajourian incidents) will know […]

Arthur C. Clarke, Pakistan, Terror and Science Fiction

I started reading Arthur C. Clarke's novel Time's Eye the day before he died. The novel is set in the NWFP, and it is a world where Lahore has been blown up by a nuclear bomb (ouch!). Here's a page from the novel's beginning that reminded me of the recent US missile strikes inside Pakistan: […]

Arthur C. Clarke Died Today

Yesterday, I started reading 'Time's Eye' – the first book of the 'A Time Odyssey' series written by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. I went to sleep after reading 22 Chapters, woke up, checked my emails and RSS feeds, and found out that Arthur C. Clarke passed away some time today at his home […]

Ender’s Game to be a … Game

'Ender's Game' is going to become a video game soon. It is probably one of the best sci-fi novels/short story of the last century, and like 'Lord of the Rings', it is bound (no pun intended) to be discovered and re-discovered by each new generation. If you haven't read it, you should download buy a […]

Robert J. Sawyer, Pakistan, Synchronicity and Last Minute Changes

Robert J. Sawyer, winner (and multiple times nominee) of Hugo and Nebula awards, has become one of my favorite science fiction authors recently. I was reading one of his novels "Flashback" last week, and noticed a small mistake where it said: "Islamabad, Pakistan (autotranslated from the original Arabic): In my vision, I have two arms-but […]