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5 Reasons is a Success

A guru blogger once shared the following piece of wisdom with me: Posts with lists are more ‘successful’. Here is a list of reasons why I think GreenWhite is a successful blog. I have to write this post as a lot of people have approached me this week and asked what ( GnW) is […]

Startup Insiders Lahore Videos

I went to the Vahzay office last week to meet Athar Osama (after 4 years) on his short visit to Lahore, and had my portable hard disk with me, so Imran Zia was nice enough to copy the full Starup Insiders videos for me – and this is how I ended up with the videos […]

Startup Insiders Lahore – Braindump

As it is almost bedtime (8AM), so I must dump a few very interesting points that were raised at the meet up before going to sleep. These ideas are sticking around in my brain after 3 days have passed, and deserve more discussion, perhaps in another similar session. Its easier to do a startup near […]

Startups Insiders 2 Lahore was Fun

I just came back from the Startups Insiders 2 meetup, and it was really good to bump into a lot of old friends and familiar faces, some after five years (note to self: must go out more often). The success (and failure stories) were  interesting and the discussions were lively. If I get the time […]