School Closed Due To Bomb Threats

My son will not go to school today, or tomorrow. When we discussed this in front of him today, he immediately said, "Coz there is a bomb".

The school administration have received specific bomb threats and have decided to keep the school closed for the next two days. Of course, the topic must have been discussed in front of him at school, which is how he knows 'there is a bomb'.

I don't see how closing the school for two days will help, they might as well close the school for two months, or better yet, two years. There have been threats before the elections, and I am sure there will be lots of threats in the future as well. 

I don't blame the school for being paranoid, as it is one of the better schools of Lahore, and so, a lot of my son's classfellows are sons and grandsons of active politicians and police officers. All I (or the other parents) can do is to blame our government, which, in turn, blames the usual suspects , who blame the USA and so on… I'm sure that if my son could, he would blame me for making him live in a country where kids become 'collateral damage', and have to sacrifice their lives and education for some one else's war.

Congratulations my terrorist 'brothers', you have succeeded.

CBeebies and – Fun With Your Kid(s)

The Cbeebies storytime website or UptoTen is where you should be headed to spend a few fun interactive minutes each day with your kid… the website can also give you a few moments of peace and quiet if you have a computer savvy kid (like my 5ish year old son). Better than TV or XBox IMHO. Don't forget to encourage and praise them while they play. If you didn't know about these websites already, and decide to try them out, I would be very interested to hear your story in the comments 🙂

Happy Birthday LOGO


It was LOGO’s 40th birthday a couple of days ago. Interestingly, last week, I installed the free version from Microsoft on my laptop and played for a few hours with my son (who is four, has his own computer and prefers playing games to watching TV). We made lines, triangles and squares with turtle graphics, and he grasped the idea of turning and moving the turtle quicker than I expected – I hope its in his genes.

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B(ack)log Links – Part One

I just took a look at my 'FOR BLOG' bookmarks folder and was amazed to see the number of pages (66) I have bookmarked during August, with the intention to write about them here, but never got the chance. So, in an attempt to cross that task from my TODO list, I'm posting some of them here (minus the planned commentary/discussion/blogging) and deleting the rest. They should have converted into 66 posts, but oh well!

I need a break from all the copy/pasting now, and will have to split this post in two parts. So these are the things that have been using up my brain cycles this month. If you find any of the above things useful/fun/entertaining/offensive, do leave a comment so that I can justify spending the last hour or so on this.

I Built the Empire State Building

There this Indonesian Lotte Puzzle gum sold for Rs.10 (18 cents) these days which comes with two gum sticks and a cardboard/plastic model/puzzle pieces that my son really likes. Last week we got the Taj Mahal, this week it was the Empire State Building. There are no instructions (uh its a puzzle), so I saved some time by (secretly) cheating and made this:


I didn’t get my gum share though :-/