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Lahore Metblogs Widget

Metblogs just introduced a cool widget to embed any metblog post on your own blog. Since I am a Lahore Metblogs author by virtue of writing a few posts there, so I thought I’d check the (beta) embed script out. Here goes: Hmm, it ate up my masterpiece images, and the title is missing the […]

5 Reasons is a Success

A guru blogger once shared the following piece of wisdom with me: Posts with lists are more ‘successful’. Here is a list of reasons why I think GreenWhite is a successful blog. I have to write this post as a lot of people have approached me this week and asked what ( GnW) is […]

Hi, I am Sohaib

I should have asked this question many months ago, but better late than never. Who are you? Why do you come here? Do you subscribe to the RSS feed, or does Google bring you here against your will? Do I know you from the offline world? Do we have something in common? I have intentionally […]

People Search the Darndest Things

Each blog has its own micro-zeitgeist (that’s a word that I just made up, or neologized) that gives an insight into its place in the larger scheme of things, and this one is no different. Like most of the human race, I like to look at my Google Analytics data every now and then, perhaps […]

Lahore Metblogs First Post

I had almost forgotten that I was added as an author on Lahore Metblogs, but today’s three hour long electric shortage cured my whats-the-word-for-memory-loss amnesia and finally provided the motivation that I needed to write my first post on LMB. Here is the link.