Have a Sombre Eid Everyone!

Aren’t you tired of the monotonous “Happy” and “Mubarik” Eids year after year? Why not try something different, like a “Sombre” Eid, for a change?

Don’t hand a 1000 rupee note to every one of your ten nephews. They already have plenty and will blow the money up in a day. Give them each a 50 Rs. chocolate instead, they would be just as happy. Use the 9500 rupees to feed a child. Like this one. For many months. Take your nephews with you. Compare.

Eidi Candidate
Eidi Candidate

Do you really need those new clothes? Isn’t your wardrobe full already? They’ll go out of fashion next year. Or next month. Wear your best clothes on Eid. They don’t have to be new. Buy milk for this child instead. Before he dies. Realize.

Hungry Child
A Pakistani Child

Skip one Eid visit to a friend who lives 20 kilometers away. Save 500 rupees in fuel and the eid cake that you were going to take with you. Drive around your residence until you find a child like this one, or this one. Give the money to her. Your friend has a cellphone, wish him over the phone. Tell him what you did. He’ll understand.

Hungry Girl
A Pakistani Girl

Turn the TV off for a few hours. It will only make you crave more stuff to buy. Instead of wasting time on the special Eid broadcasts for a few hours, read a book with your child – or read The Book. One more day won’t hurt. Learn.

A change may do you good.





6 thoughts on “Have a Sombre Eid Everyone!”

  1. I wish there was a way to stop Eid SMS wishes – and channel all that ‘wasted’ SMS money to some charity – heck people could wish each other on Facebook [for free] and not spend a rupee on SMS – and promise to hand over the same amount to charity

  2. Wow. Nice.
    Very nice indeed.
    I am not as pleasantly surprised at your almost-idealistic thought as I am at your fluid writing. MashAllah. If anything, it was effective in communicating the essence of what you were saying.
    Cheers mate,

  3. Your blog is interesting. And that’s quite insightful. I wish we could stop with the wastage of money and put our money where it can be used for the betterment of our people.

    Cheers and Eid Mubarak.

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