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I met my reading goal of a book each week this year as well, thanks mainly to Terry Pratchett’s punny Discworld books. I had been putting them off for a couple of decades, so 2020 was the year it had to happen. I also managed to write an actual article after many many years, and […]

Résumé Rejection Reasons – An Illustrated Guide – Part 5 – Parting Tips

Part 5 – Parting Tips A few remaining aspects of résumé creation and submission that did not fit in the previous parts… Do Not Apply Everywhere The ‘Careers’ section of a large firm’s website list dozens of job openings at any given time, as it is hiring perpetually. Do not follow the urge of applying […]

Résumé Rejection Reasons – An Illustrated Guide – Part 4 – Résumé Design

Part 4 – Résumé Design When the hiring manager opens up a résumé file, the résumé’s design is what makes the first impression, the content only comes in later. Before scanning or reading the content, the hiring manager’s brain registers the layout and assesses how easy or difficult scanning it is going to be, how […]

Résumé Rejection Reasons – An Illustrated Guide – Part 3 – Résumé Content

Part 3 – Résumé Content Let us take a magnifying glass and zoom in on the various faux pas in a résumé’s content that get it noticed, and not in a good way. If you can avoid these mistakes in your résumé, you make a huge leap up on the leader-board. Capitalization The rules of […]

Résumé Rejection Reasons – An Illustrated Guide – Part 2 – Résumé Sections

Part 2 – Résumé Sections Let us take a quick and critical look at some of the common sections that a résumé is supposed to contain, in roughly the same order in which they are expected, starting with… Name Please use your complete name in your résumé header, properly capitalized and spelled the same way […]