I’m Sohaib Athar, an ancient software professional from Lahore, Pakistan living in Islamabad, and sometimes Abbottabad. After a couple of decades in the software industry, most recently as VP of Engineering at Afiniti, I am heading a software services startup – Auxcube – and occasionally look after Coffity, Abbottabad’s first coffee shop, that I started in 2009.

Feel free to connect with me on any of the social networks listed on sohaibathar.com, the site also has my almost updated résumé.

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  1. atiq rehman says:

    Dear Sohaib,

    Assalam Alaikum ,i came across your comments on Mongols and Mongolia .I am from Lahore as well and i am currently the General Manager of the Shangri-la Hotel in Huhhot city of Inner Mongolia ,i am also intrigued about the Mongol culture and traditions .Feel free to drop me a line at your convenience.

    Wasalam ,