Iraqi Children are Dying – Confidently

Iraqi Children

The American government is intent on justifying America's war against children terror by any possible means, but this 'research' funded by the US Military is a sad joke. It claims that the invasion boosted the self-esteem of Iraqi teenagers. Ofcourse, they are still dying, but at least they are dying honorably. As we have been American allies for all these years, so perhaps the US Army can come and raise our self-esteem too, we need it and our overlords owe us that much! 'Redacted', by the way, was a thought-provoking movie that should be required watching for all American allies.


  1. courtneyme109 says:

    Hi Sohaib,

    Thank you for sharing this. There are a few points that seem contrary.

    1st off, the US media is desperate to portry Iraq as a terrible mistake – not to picture it as worthy. Slate magazine is starting a series this week about how wrong it was. So far, only 1 writer disputes it.

    Also, this study is 4 years old. Arguably at a time when Iraqi teens were flooded with Iranian minions, Saudi Rejects and Syrian Agents preaching that death is precious and preferred and blowing up innocents was braver than attacking the American Military. Time has not been so kind to those that tempt youth to race to the next life instead of prepping for this one.

    Like this very up to date study by the NYT – hardly a fan of America Unbound.

    And the future will be brighter for Iraqi youth.

    More Americans are rejecting the spin of an unjust war or Iraq as a terrible mistake, lame stream media aside.

    Great Satan knocked out the largest Arab army in history in 20 days – no less. Libya fessed up and stopped the WMD witchcraft and Syria moved her occupation army out of Lebanon.

    America tried the fun, friendly super light boot print instead of a Soviet or Wehrmacht style occupation. And honestly gave it a chance to succeed – to give people a chance and a choice to build a free country.

    Sure hindsight is 20/20 – so what? The truth is pre Surge Iraq featured several things – like giving Iraqis a 1st hand look at what Caliphates (their choice – Al Qaeda ish or Iranian style) can offer. Obviously, Caliphating of any variety totally sucks. And they can attest to that.

    Also, Iraq was a future war lab. Fallujah is a significant point. Draw the the enemy into a trap and then crush them. This was also applied to Iraq as a whole. And it worked.

    Turning Iraq into an irresistable giant sucking killing machine for Iranian minions, Syrian Agents, wannabe jihadis that dried up foreign volunteers, Iranian cash – over a billion bucks spent there and not one theocracy, caliphate to show for it – or a super Iran leaning shia majority in the Gov either. Talk about a quagmire.

    The reason to go to war in the first place may have been the Manchester Ricin bust in Great Britain in January 2003. Notice that after the investigation was when Blair did an about face about an extra resolution – essentially saying the heck with Hussein – he’s gotta go. This could mean that one of Iraq’s 18 suitcases of Ricin made it to Great Britain.

    Going into Iraq was the right thing to do. In fact a case could made that Great Satan’s penchant for fast regime changes, constant confrontation and almost zero tolerance for intolerance is the wave of the future. And that future will most likely consist of a future world of nigh total democracies – with tolerant, egalitarian societies, with the rule of law, periodic, transparent elections, free and uncensored press, militaries under civilian control, nat’l treasuries under public scrutiny, independent judiciaries under elected gov oversight and ever increasing literacy rates.

    In an age of WMD, intolerant militias, resistence movements and illegitimate regimes that cannot help but to act out and attack any democracies in weapons range there is little interest in ‘containment’, ‘dialouge’ or the ever dangerous instability of the faux pursuit of ‘stability’.

    And that type of world will be far kinder to young people than the staus quo.

  2. Sohaib Athar says:

    Thanks Courtney, for the correction, and for taking the time out to write the longest comment ever on my blog – it shows how passionately you believe in what you are saying.

    Most of my american friends think that attacking Iraq was a mistake, so I should have written that the american govt. (and not the media) is trying to justify the war. Fixed.
    I will definitely read the articles you have linked to, as soon as I get some free time over the weekend.

  3. Momekh says:

    Dear Sohaib,
    Your politeness is probably due to her long comment.
    I would be polite too.
    But there is no justification for invading Iraq. There never was, is and hardly ever will be.
    The person who is commenting here has based her case on assumption, that ‘may’ mean Ricin that was found in Britain came from Iraq. And that ‘maybe’ Blair about-turned based on the first ‘maybe’. She maybe Dick Cheney for all I know. He also assumed that any truck with a shadow caught by satellite is really a transport for WMD. Not to mention the Q at the end of Iraq actually means that once you are done with I, R and A, you will get to Q, which as everyone knows is maybe a codesign for al”Q”aeda.

    Iraq was invaded for reasons no one knows for sure. Oil. Int’l presence. Excercising military muscle. Boosting economy. Target Practice. Who knows for sure? No one. But one thing is for certain till date, that there is no reason that can be justified in the light of logic to first risk then actually take lives. (of not only innocent Iraqis, but of American soldiers as well).

    Peace and God bless,