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Abbottabad Cantt After Protests

It has been a while since I have posted here – but only because the dozen post drafts lying on my desktop have been fighting for attention at the same time – and have created a deadlock. A lot needs to be said, but before I resume writing, here are 17000 words (in picture format) […]

Marlboro Man is Here

So the Marlboro Man is finally taking over the Pakistani tobacco market. Too bad they are a few years too late. Had they come to us a couple of decades earlier, they would have found a perfect fit in the form of the ready-to-go localized model for the Marlboro Man role – one that is […]

How to Bring Peace to Pakistan

The Pakistani Flag is Unislamic! Before I can explain why, I must mention that our Government of Pakistan thinks that the flag was designed by Jinnah, while other sources say it was Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii. We need to get our facts right so that we can blame whoever designed it. According to Wikipedia: In the […]

Bomb Blasts in Lahore – Again

Last month, my son told us, “There was a bomb in our class”. There wasn’t, of course, just some kids in his class (who probably watch too much TV) acting out what they saw using their imaginations. I certainly didn’t want him to know what a fucked up world we live in so soon in […]

Rags and Riches

Stumbled upon this “high-contrast” image – though it seems to be somewhere in Latin America, but it reminded me of Pakistan.