Who Are You?

I’m curious to know a bit about how the visitors to this blog landed here. Leave me a message on Twitter or somewhere else if you feel like introducing yourself!

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  1. Hi, I’m Anika and i’m the first one to comment over here (if you don’t already have comments waiting for moderation) 🙂 I’m 30 and a mother of two.Work in an IT company. I know you through Twitter and from what i know we went to the same school.

    what brings me here: just to read if you have replied of my comment 🙂 I have never met you face to face and i never visited your blog through any search engine.

    I am awful when it comes to english language and i love to play pool… infact i am born to play pool.

  2. Well, I am a student, freelance web developer, computer / linux geek and somewhat of a book worm. 🙂

    Haven’t met you face to face, at least not that I know of. Found your blog through your Twitter profile, and subscribed it.

  3. > Who Are You?

    yet another software engineer.

    > and what brings you here?

    originality and the fact that Im too lazy to write my own blog so I’d rather comment on yours now and then.

    > Have we met face-to-face?


    > Do you subscribe to the RSS feed?


    > Did you come here via Google?

    Well I saw an email from you on a mailing list and have since been reading your blog.

    As a rule I spend 10 minutes trying to describe myself when asked that question, failing which I write what I just wrote.

  4. Hi Sohaib,
    This is Shahzad Khan, your favourite (perhaps) AI researcher from Ottawa, Canada.

    We’ve met twice, but have worked together on some exciting projects together… so your monikor of ‘really virtual’ does have some authenticity in this scenario 🙂

    – Shahzad

  5. I don’t – at least try to – use bloglines or other readers, lest I get in a habit of blogsurfing.
    I check your blog often enough to catch your latest post (this means that you write a new post after quite some time).
    We haven’t met f2f, though I believe we have planned to do it once or twice.
    And about how I found-out about you…Come to think of it, how the heck DID we really-virtually meet? Hey, why do I know you? Are you real? Who are *you*?
    /me blinks

  6. Hi Sohaib,

    Joined tweet today and followed the link from you here. Great writing. Working on any children’s stories? I tell silly bed time tales to my kids on demand and wish I had a tape recorder to catch the half asleep ramblings.



  7. Thanks you all for taking out the time to comment.

    @anika, aqeel and cache (I bet your name is Kashif) thanks for dropping by.

    @shahzad I hope you’re having fun making games, and snowmen 😀

    @M our first interaction was a couple of years ago I think, when we discovered over lahore.metblogs.com that the official Lahore website was a complete ripoff of some US state website.

    @Casey That is interesting, I used the “find friends who use twitter” feature after a few months and saw you there, with zero tweets. Hope that will change. I usually ask my son to tell me stories when he goes to sleep, and he constantly surprises me with his imagination – and yea I know what you mean about the ramblings and the interesting questions that usually follow a story.

  8. Hi!

    I’m a research assistant/masters candidate working on sustainable development and renewable energy and I got here via google when I started searching for AISEC/Pakistan/LUMS. I really liked your post on Eid… (very deep) and decided to say hello~!



    I don’t think we’ve ever met…

  9. Hi Sohaib,

    Imagination is good and kids have buckets of it. I’m dodging distractions – cell and tweets – as best I can :-). Maybe tape some of your son’s stories? They could be a fun gift for his children some day.


  10. I just landed on this blog unplanned, moments ago. Liked it at the first sight. And now I am wondering is there a way to subscribe to stay updated through email ( I prefer that over RSS). Apparently subscribe by email is not available here. Or it is but is escaping my visual coverage 🙂 ?

  11. Hi this is khurrum,

    I landed here from twiter, actually i have herd a lot for blue brain project, i was working In Alliances – IT @ that time, how ever i have also been hearing about you many often from my circle on knowings, how ever we never had a chance to exchange some words, ok so now too break the ice, i am 27 and have a little more then 4 years of IT experience, my interest is majorkly in data mining, and BI based developments, i work majorly in enterprise platforms, thanks hope to see you arround

  12. Hello,
    I am looking for a software development partner in Pakistan that can develop software using Microsoft Visual Studio. I will be visiting Lahore on December 2-4. Can you refer me to a company that would be interested in a technology partnership?
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  13. Well I’m Farooq Most of People call me Stylo. I’m Hosting Company CEO, Freelancer Graphich/Web Designer Joomla/Seo Expert. The Common thing in me and you is Blogging I love Blogging I’m Very busy in other activities But i do blogging from last 2 Years and i’m lovin it


  14. AOA,
    I was searching for OrthoClear employees on facebook few minutes before and found your profile there, and opened this page to have your contact information, as i thought that you might be of help for me regarding a software i am building(mostly said as developing).

  15. im omer, live in italy.
    just dropped on it randomly researching a topic.
    nice blog ! catch u on fb or the likes..

  16. I stumbled upon this when looking what other software consultants blogged about…. And I ready what happened to your family, having a young family myself I can only imagine what you have been through. On a positive note, I had a accident which left a scar on my face! and it never held me back in my younger years of chasing ladies!

  17. Hello Sohaib,
    Firstly, I’ve enjoyed reading your tweets. Most importantly I was touched reading your blog. I too am 33 and hoped that I would have a family by now but do not. I can’t imagine what you had to endure during that trying time. I have great respect for you taking priority with your family to move to a more favorable environment… Until now so it seems. I can’t help but think you’ve become the recipient of some lottery that you never intended to play. I guess as we grow older we find different purpose with our lives than what was intended. Maybe this time is now, as celebrity finds you. I have no doubt you will do well with what ever comes your way as you seem to have a great sense of humor, sarcasm, and wit. Best of luck. Perhaps the shop can now be called Sohaibucks Coffee?

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