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Lahore Metblogs First Post

I had almost forgotten that I was added as an author on Lahore Metblogs, but today’s three hour long electric shortage cured my whats-the-word-for-memory-loss amnesia and finally provided the motivation that I needed to write my first post on LMB. Here is the link.

Your Privacy is an Illusion

What would you do if your laundry-shop published your laundry bills online, along with your name, address and phone number, for the whole world to see?   A couple of months ago, while trying to understand Pakistan’s perpetual energy crisis situation, I entered the LESCO website hosted at As soon as I clicked the […]

LESCO Please Give Me My Life Back

Dear LESCO, You knew about the (then) impending power crisis of 2007 way back in 2004 and I was glad you didn’t do a thing about it, besides blaming rains, coal shortages and the crumbling infrastructure in the four years that followed. Not many people see the wisdom in that , but I am not […]

PTCL Triple Play Project

LESCO, teamed with my local ISP (who gives bandwidth on LAN, and therefore, dies with every one hour power failure) finally made me bite the bullet and move to the PTCL Triple Play Project aka Broadband Pakistan today. The PTCL techs just left after installing the connection (in 10 minutes) and the speed tests so […]