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How I Got PTCL to Upgrade my Bandwidth

I, the good cop, mailed a long rant to the PTCL Broadband manager, Mr. Ali Raza Baloch, last week, after getting his email from the helpline. He forwarded my complaint to a couple of relevant people, asking them to help me out, but that didn't happen. Meanwhile, a friend, the bad cop, sent a written […]

On throughput, quality and quantity of blog posts

It has been 10 months since I started this blog. At 50 posts, its about a post a week (a post per weekend is what I aim for in fact) – not a lot by any standards but who cares. I have estimated that I have spend around 20 minutes on writing an average sized […]

Interview at PakSpectator

The Pakistani Spectator interviewed me last week, you can find the interview here [link]. Though I repeatedly denied being a blogger of the interviewable sort, they wouldn’t listen. Thanks for interviewing me TPS and Ghazala, you made me actually think about things – my brain can use whatever exercise it can get. The word ‘spectator’ […]

My twitter feed…

is First one to add me gets the letter ‘Y’ and the number ‘7’.