Allergic Terrorists

I just got a 12 point "Security Update" from my kid's school. Point number 12 says [italics are mine]:

Kindly user private cars if possible while picking-up and dropping off your children. We have been informed that the terrorists are allergic to uniform and liveried personnel.

Interesting choice of words there… but I was wondering, if terrorists are allergic to uniforms, shouldn't we keep uniformed people around us all the time, and wear them ourselves if we can? I can see where they are coming from though, a few kids in the school are the progeny of some police people at some high posts, and are usually picked up and dropped off in an official police SUV with 3 or 4 bodyguards who sit outside the school waiting for the kid. Its a good thing I don't (have to) pay taxes, so its not my money that is being used there.

The update also says:

On a final note please talk to your children about the current situation of our city and create and awareness of our surroundings.

Now THAT is really really hard when you have a 5 year old child. I would have to think for hours to choose the right words, so that the few thousand neural connections that the chat will create in his small brain will not affect him throughout his life in a negative way.