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N Things I Miss About IRC

If you cut your cyber-teeth on MySpace and Facebook, you probably won’t recognize the face of Khaled Mardam-Bay. For millions (yes, millions) of us, though, he is the Zuckerberg of the 20th century (that’s where the IRC generation comes from), and IRC is where we took our first cyber-steps. You may want to hit Google […]

Lahore vs. Bangalore vs. San Francisco on Twitter

Twitter added a search feature recently. In the spirit of micro-blogging, here are a few quick and interesting twitter search results: Lahore: 15 results, Karachi: 35 results, San Francisco: 2038 results, Bangalore: 194 results Translated into Twitterers (or Tweeters or whatever) per 1000 citizens (using Wikipedia), its: Lahore AND Karachi (both have approximately the same […]

My twitter feed…

is First one to add me gets the letter ‘Y’ and the number ‘7’.