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Lots of Leftover Links from March 2008 – Part One

As time passes, the bookmarks that are supposed to be individual posts wither away in my "TO BLOG" folder and shrink to single-sentences. It happens every month so I will go with the flow and publish them in this one big post for your viewing (time-wasting) pleasure. Here goes: has an interesting collection of […]

Arthur C. Clarke, Pakistan, Terror and Science Fiction

I started reading Arthur C. Clarke's novel Time's Eye the day before he died. The novel is set in the NWFP, and it is a world where Lahore has been blown up by a nuclear bomb (ouch!). Here's a page from the novel's beginning that reminded me of the recent US missile strikes inside Pakistan: […]

Arthur C. Clarke Died Today

Yesterday, I started reading 'Time's Eye' – the first book of the 'A Time Odyssey' series written by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. I went to sleep after reading 22 Chapters, woke up, checked my emails and RSS feeds, and found out that Arthur C. Clarke passed away some time today at his home […]