Lahore vs. Bangalore vs. San Francisco on Twitter

Twitter added a search feature recently. In the spirit of micro-blogging, here are a few quick and interesting twitter search results:

Lahore: 15 results, Karachi: 35 results, San Francisco: 2038 results, Bangalore: 194 results

Translated into Twitterers (or Tweeters or whatever) per 1000 citizens (using Wikipedia), its:

Lahore AND Karachi (both have approximately the same ratio):  1 out of 0.57 MILLION tweeters, San Francisco: 1 out of 396 tweeters, Bangalore: 1 out of 27216 tweeters.



  1. Thanks for your comments. It’s great to find yet another local technical blog.

  2. Hey – I had no idea you could selectively search by cities – neat find – and yes I too am surprised at the low number of pk twitters

  3. Naveen says:

    What comedy is this? Lahore is historical city and it’s GDP nominal/PPP are nowhere near to Bangalore/San Francisco. The only city from Pakistan which is competing with indian metros is Karachi.

    In 2008, the top south asian cities by GDP is like this:

    Mumbai – $209 billion
    Delhi – $167 billion
    Kolkata -$104 billion
    Karachi -$78 billion
    Dhaka – $77 billion
    Bangalore-$68 biilion
    Chennai-$64 billion
    Hyderabad(India)-$60 billion
    Ahmedabad – $59 billion
    Pune-$36 billion
    Surat – $32 billion

    Karachi did well under rule of some famous mayor. Later it couldn’t maintain that growth rate. Bangalore overtook Kaarachi in 2010 with a GDP of $88 billion compared to $83 billion of karachi. Dhaka is now $81 billion, Chennai is now $77 billion, Ahmedabad $74 billion, Hyderabad(India) $72 billion

    Karachi is currently growing at 4% compared to 10.77% of bangalore, 7.3% for chennai, 9.4% for Ahmedabad, 5.7% for Hyderabad(India).
    So above mentioned tier 2 indian metros will also overtake Karachi and Dhaka in terms of GDP nominal/PPP. Lahore is nowhere in the list dude. So don’t bring it. You can compare Lahore with tier 3/tier 4 metros in india. Karachi alone generates 28% Pakistan’s total GDP. SO it’s heart of your economy. Don’t let it break 🙂

    • @Naveen
      It’s not a comedy, I swear!
      Please check the context – it was about the software capitals of the countries, not metros/financial capitals.
      I am amazed you took out the time to pull out facts and figures though. Kudos.

  4. KHYIZER DON says:

    karachi is not alone pakistan high gdp ranked city ,islamabad, lahore, multan ,faislabad are also pakistan high gdp ranking cities.and soon our new under construction port gawader will be no 1 in gdp ranking