We Pakistanis are People of the Mongol Horde


I just watched the movie ‘Mongol‘ which is based on the early life of Genghis Khan, or Temujjin. The movie was shot in the Mongolian language, so I was surprised to spot many words that sounded like their counterparts in Urdu. I always thought the word ‘Urdu’ was from Turkish, but after a bit of research, I found out that ‘Horde’ means ‘Military Camp’ in Mongolian too:

Urdu is a Mongolian and Turkish word meaning “military camp” and is the root of the English word “horde.” When the Central Asian tribal warriors came into northern India, Urdu is the creole that ended up being spoken in the camps so that Hindu traders could sell the Muslim grandees their goods).

Among the Urdu sounds that I recognized were “Aba” for “father” and “Utho” for wake up. I’m sure there are many more common roots, but sadly, most of the mongolian online dictionaries use their alphabet, which I can’t read.

Not a lot has changed since the 12th century – we have continued being a horde, there is something in our nomadic roots that disagrees with settling down mentally and calling a place home. Our military camps are always at the forefront, and like a military camp, we still don’t really care about trashing this piece of land with death and destruction. Like Mongols, we trade and kill our women like animals.

Here’s a podcast on Urdu for you:

So, do you like goat milk too?

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  1. Urdu means “Ord” or “Orda” meaning camp, palace in Mongolian. For example Altan Horde Ulus mean. State of Golden Palace or Country of Golden Palace Country in Mongolia. But unlike Pakistanis, we Mongols do not kill our women like animals as you say. Mongols love their women and treat them better than any other cultures. That is why during MOngolian empire there were times when women ruled the entire country.

    We Mongols love goat, sheep milk, but we love horse milk best!

  2. Thanks for your comment Mongol. My only knowledge of the Mongol culture is through movies and TV, and so my comparison was with the Mongols of 1000 years ago, the ones that supposedly traded women with horses.

    I am sure the Mongolian culture has evolved a lot since the 11th century.

    We are taught in schools that when Islam arrived, Mohammad abolished the old practices of killing girls in the Arabs, and women began having equal status to men – muslim women have also ruled in those days.

    Somewhere though,things went wrong. Some of us were either left behind in the evolutionary process or have devolved back to the 11th century.

    BTW, How do you guys get horse milk outside Mongolia, say, in the west?

  3. Intreting. the indian ambsador in mongolia was a budhist monk who become quite popular among the certain section of buddhist there and was given the tilltle “algin baksha” meaning amsador teacher which seems similar to urdu work algi for ambassador and baksha sound like bakshi a muslim priest or teacher

  4. Actually people that learn about Asia will know why people from the Indian subcontinent are also called Asian because first of all with out it there is no south asia! Also many people from the subcontinent look like Mongolians and even like Thai. If I was a person who didn’t know about my history like most people don’t I might find it offensive that someone called me a different ethnicity but in history it shows that the Subcontinent was invaded by mongols, Turkic’s, Persians also it’s scientifically proven that most people from the Sub continent have some DNA of the the Mongols, Turks and also many other ethnicities! But the reason they (people from the indian sub continent) are not classed most of the times with most Asian groups is because of lack of knowledge and they’re jealousy towards our unity also because it would kind of cause confusion if we were grouped with them because most of us only have very very little DNA of them so they go with what ever is our predominant DNA and genes because if they go in every DNA gene detail it will be too complicated for them to group the south Asian! I for one would want to find out about my history rather than run from it and argue amongst our selves also hating on each other!

  5. with no excuse what so ever i would like to say that Mr Athar is absolute idiot and nonsense. what he is saying about Pakistan i so far fetched and probably mere fragment of his imagination.
    as you can all see that he said “”My only knowledge of the Mongol culture is through movies and TV”” and that just shows how much of credible person he is.
    I am a pakistani and lived in motherland for most of my life and had the honour,pleassure and ipportunity to travel and live in its far and wide and i have to say i have not seen the Pakistan he is talking about.

    Domestic violence is everywhere in this world even in the so called liberal and modern western world and so it is in Pakistan.
    Violation of rights is there and believe it or not it is no more than any other country.

    I have lived in england for 6 years which is supposedly the centre of culture and liberal philosophies of europe and even there countless examples of physical abuse, discrimination etc of women rights are evident and available.

    urdu language is a blend of persian, arabic and mongolian.
    first mughal emperor was half mongol half afghan and his army had people from various regions and thats how Urdu language came into being…the langauge of caravan or military camp.

    now let me shatter your 2nd theory… we pakistanis are not people of mongol horde… Yes mongol genes are there and some people carry relatively purer mongol genes… they call themself changezis or also commonly know as hazaras…scientific study has proven that they carry Y-chromosome of mongols…Hazaras or changezis rarely marry outside their own race and hence they have very distinctive looks (that tells me how much you know about your country…NOTHING).
    the region of pakistan is a melting point of gene pool…. there are turkish genes, persian genes, mongol genes, native/indian genes and also plenty of arab bloodlines.

    dont know what history you learn and where you learn it…but as long as you dont know anything for certain just dont speak bullshit about motherland or i would love to get into power and revoke your citizenship and see who else accepts you.

    1. Thanks for your longer-than-the-post comment Usman. I don’t see which nerve I inadvertently hit for you to post what you posted, but I am always amused to see that the people sitting outside the country taking ownership of their motherland online. Maybe our patriotism is directly proportional to the distance from Pakistan multiplied by the years spent abroad. What do you think?

      1. do you want me to be impressed by your “i-am-so-dumb-the-best-could-come-up-with-was-a-dumb-joke-on-that-fact-that-you-have-lived-away-from-your-country”” ? well that didnt quite work out…but if your motive was “”i wanna piss this guy off with my absolute lack of knowledge and witt”” then let me congratulate you that you have achieved more success than you had anticipated.
        i cant help noticing you being unable to counter,concurr,diagree or challenge any of the information (which lets be honest YOU DID NOT HAVE prior to my reply) that posted in my comment.
        what annoys me is that dumb people living in some big city and socialising and mixing up with very few people and they tend to have a opinion about their country and they think they have seen and experienced its flavour and i have to say you belong precisely to the group of those people…the nerve that carries intense emotion of hatred for such people is that nerve you so inadvertently hit…i hope that answers your question.

        your ONLY KNOWLEDGE about the mongols and mongolian history and culture is the MONGOL movie and even that your information is considered historically extremely inaccurate by many experts…. so when people…i mean KIDS like you take fiction for word-to-word fact and then make statements based on it things get really shitty and messy.

        and though the question about availability of milk was not directed to me but let me answer it to you as i am sure you cannot figure it out yourself.
        the prime mongol gene population is limited to mongolia only and the biggest mixed mongol gene population after mongolia lived in Pakistan and some regions of Afghanistan.
        there are extremely few mongols in west and for them theres no commercial availability of mares milk and they dont die without it.
        and in the end…as for so hard and fast mathematical rule for patriotism is concerned it probably only applies on you i love my mother land just as much when i am there…and i dont own the motherland…it owns me.
        now this comment is even longer than before and i hope it knocks some sense into you although i am not very hopeful because somethings just never change.

  6. is that the best you could come up with ? deletion ?
    first i thought you were wrong … now i must add the attribute of AMATEUR as well.
    Please don’t tell anybody you are a Pakistani,,, save us the embarrassment. we shall all be indebted.

    1. I love trolls and would never dream of deleting the pearls of wisdom they share on this abandoned blog.
      It is just that wordpress thought your comment was spam, here it is now – approved. Enjoy.

  7. Just because mongols used some words of Urdu in the movie, does not mean it belongs to them. U just CANNOT judge the origin of a language by watching a movie.
    Urdu was first known as ZABAN-E-URDU-E-MOALLA, which meant language of the common people. Then reduced to Urdu.

    Urdu is a mix of languages. It was originated by the army of subcontinent. The army consisted of soldiers from different backgrounds and languages, MONGOLS MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM. it also consists words from persian, arabic, sindhi, turkish etc.. The word itself is a turkish word, that doesnt make it the language of turkey.!
    Get your research right before writing about it!


  9. A lot of hateful comments still sit in the moderation queue, so I was surprised to learn that Babar, and hence the Mughal dynasty, was a Mongol conqueror, which kind of explains everything.

  10. Hello

    I am a Pakistani and a British Citizen. My father’s family was originally from Afghanistan and Mother from Bengal.

    My initial education Intermediate was in Karachi, Pakistan and I feel that our past has been hidden from the students, in 12 years of education i never learnt anything about the history of Islam or that of our origins. I think Islamiat and Geography should be merged in to one subject because independent kids dont really learn anything except the British Rule in India and how Prophet Mohammad lived.

    I know the world has moved on and internet is available everywhere but I think Pakistanis should know their roots from India and that of Turik, Mongolia etc etc.

    I think Chengez Khan was a visionary and great man, If there is something we should learn and celebrate then it should his control over the mortal body.

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