Google Says No ‘Doodle For You!’

It started with the perceptive ProPakistani people noticing how Google has never had an Islam themed doodle on their homepage, and Dr. Awab picked up the discussion the next day.

I personally think that Google not showing any Doodles for Islamic events has something to do with their “Do No Evil” policy  😉 Seriously though, while Google can not be forced to cater to each segment of their customer base, especially since doodling is the secondary responsibility of the guy who creates them, but given that

  • Google has doodles for other religious holidays
  • Muslims form a huge chunk of their customer base – much larger than, say, Pakistanis, or people who like Escher
  • Google has doodles for birthdays and other days that only a tiny portion of the world celebrates
  • Google is a PUBLIC company (which does matter)

… by not having a doodle for a single Islamic event/holiday so far, the message they are sending out, to many Muslims, says something like ‘We are the biggest website around and are a global company, but we don’t really care about the Muslim culture and won’t even consider it to be worth a doodle’ – really bad marketing.
Of course we will all continue to use the Google services, we can’t live without them, but this insignificant message will stick to the back of the minds of the sensitive Muslims who have noticed.

Some have commented that Google probably does not want to ‘offend’ Muslims, which might have made sense if they wanted to publish the image of a pig, or a prophet, on the Eid doodle, but they are (probably) not that stupid.

Another critical commenter said that it is a non-issue and not worth wasting time on. I think what makes it a ‘real issue’ is that Google gets millions of hits daily. Any doodle featured on their homepage makes people search and find out more about that particular event/person, just because the Google brand showcased that person/event. Given the negative image of Islam that the ‘infidels’ have developed and their lack of knowledge/interest about Islam, a few million searches on Eid and Islam can really make a big difference in informing people about Islam and the 57 varieties that it comes in (besides the bitter and dangerous Taleban kind).

Here’s a list of the official Google doodles so far [link]

and another video for you ‘diaper-heads’ to conclude this comment-that-turned-into-a-post:

Perhaps a pro-active Muslim designer should create a doodle for Eid and send it to Google and see what happens.


  1. aamir attaa says:

    Thanks man! for joining hands…

  2. Bites85 says:

    Thanks man for being a part of the revolution…

  3. aMmAr says:

    Point well raised, we need to show our strength considering the market that we make. But this is not the first time Muslims are discriminated at such scale. Previously many Muslim women raise similar issue with yahoo avatar. As they do not provide with the option of a veil or head scarf.

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  7. Sohaib Athar says:

    @ammar Interesting observation.
    @Bites85 I would say it’s more of a ‘nudge’ than a ‘revolution’, but an important one nonetheless – Muslims have been alienated enough already.

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  10. Uzair Sukhera says:

    nice analysis..emphatic!

  11. Buzzvines says:

    Does anybody has contacts in the media? Get this matter positively in the print? We should make a case logically why Google should consider it and how it would help it gain more respect in the Muslim world.

    Can anybody help highlight this and the Kashmir Mapmaker issue [ ] to conventional media?

    And, once again, please be positive in creating a voice in whatever medium you can!

  12. kei says:

    If the google doodle doesn’t live up to the standard, and makes one simple mistake in doing a muslim doodle… everyone will crash down on google, blame them for doing something wrong.

    I can see why they do not take these kind of risks. but I don’t think it is because they are biased.

  13. Sam Carter says:

    Hey, Google has NEVER had a doodle for other holidays. They do a happy holidays theme in decemeber that is non-denominational. Stop acting retarded and like victims. Muslims can get a doodle when they revert to peace and stop killing innocent israeli children. Morons.

    • John says:

      Your comment made me want to hunt you down and punch some sense into your stupid ignorant face. Stop killing innocent Israeli children? Are you being serious??? How DARE you mention Israeli victims without even a mention of the multiples of Palestinian children and their parents who are being massacred??!! I bet you’re just another dumb American dick like in the video who gets spoon-fed all the crap in the news and believes it because you and your family are too dumb to have an opinion of your own.

    • Ken John says:

      @Sam Carter

      Innocent? Yeah right. Shut the fuck up, retard. You’re probably one of them. So why don’t you go back to your room and start playing with your G.I Jew, faggot. You don’t know shit and why the fuck are you on this site? Go to some Jew site and jerk off. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the day Israel and the sinful fuckers that live in it turns into ashes. Yes, die slow mother fucker. Fuck you!

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  15. Shame on Google says:

    while they celebrate Indian Independent day every year, they never made any doodle for Pakistan Independent day. and its proved, Google is biased.

  16. Nicely, its exactly about knowing what’s correct and what’s incorrect.