Bajour, Bajor, What’s the Difference?

As a trekkie-in-denial who watched the whole Deep Space Nine this year and who is also a citizen of Pakistan, I can’t help being reminded the Bajor of DS9 each time somebody is killed in the Bajour of Pakistan. Those of you who have seen the series (and know about the Bajourian incidents) will know what I’m talking about. The rest of you, if you are in Lahore and want to see DS9, you know who to talk to 🙂
The DS9 producer denies that the planet was modelled after an actual location, and says that “unfortunately, the homeless and terrorism are problems in every age.” which makes the similarities between the two places all the more interesting. I’ll attempt to list a few of the similarities that I can remember below from memory and without any verifications. Purist trekkies, please forgive me.

Bajor [Bajour] is a stategically located planet [area] at the border of a worm-hole [Pakistan]. The quadrant [country] on the other side is supposed to hold a lot of resources and trading opportunities. The people of Bajor [Bajour] were occupied by an alien race, when most of the Bajorans joined the Resistance, sabbotaging and attacking the invaders whenever they could, and finally fought them off. Bajorans [Bajourans] are a religious race, consulting their gods and prophets before making important decisions. Their religious leaders have a very strong influence over their politics, and sometimes take over and rule the planet [area]. Now, the Federation [US + allies], an alliance of multiple races that is technologically much more advanced than the Bajorans [Bajourans] has arrived and wants to help them rebuild, and ultimately join the Federation. Many religiously inclined Bajorans [Bajourans] are resistant to the idea…

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