Pakistan Iftar Timing Alerts via Twitter

UPDATE: For iftar timings for Lahore in 2009, you can follow iftartime on twitter.

If you use twitter, you can follow iftar2008pak to get iftar (and later on, sehri) alerts for Lahore (and later on, other cities).
Right now, iftar2008pak will send out a tweet 15 minutes and zero minutes before iftar – due to various lags, it won’t be entirely accurate (but close enough), so please don’t blame me on judgement day if anything goes wr
ong 😉
Do add me up on twitter too, I’m ReallyVirtual there.

UPDATE: I’m a bit too busy to enter data for other cities like Karachi, Islamabad etc. but if anyone wants to help out (it should take a few minutes of your time), do get in touch and I will share the login details and steps to take.