Do you know Dust Puppy?

userfriendlyI remember it very clearly – it was 2001 when I discovered an easter egg in Quake III Arena (a game that has claimed many hours of my life) featuring Dust Puppy – a character from the geeky comic strip at I was curious and visited the website, and was hooked for life.

The strip has been running for 10 years now, and although it is not mainstream and certainly not as popular as Dilbert, but it is funnier than Peanuts IMHO, and documents the evolution of computing in a way that Dilbert simply does not. I can praise the strip for hours, but just go check it out yourself.

Here’s where it all started [click to go to the website]:



and this strip is one of my personal favorites (as I am turning into a dinosaur myself):


I have not seen the strip covered on any of the blogs I read – and I hope I manage to contribute to the mission of “Impairing productivity” by this post. Let me know how you like it in the comments 😀