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On throughput, quality and quantity of blog posts

It has been 10 months since I started this blog. At 50 posts, its about a post a week (a post per weekend is what I aim for in fact) – not a lot by any standards but who cares. I have estimated that I have spend around 20 minutes on writing an average sized […]

B(ack)log Links – Part One

I just took a look at my 'FOR BLOG' bookmarks folder and was amazed to see the number of pages (66) I have bookmarked during August, with the intention to write about them here, but never got the chance. So, in an attempt to cross that task from my TODO list, I'm posting some of […]

Moving hosting to Linux

I’ve had enough of webhost4life and Windows hosting, and will be moving to a (borrowed) Linux based server today. The move will change the DNS, so the blog may be inaccessible for a day or so. I’ll leave this subdomain running for a while, but I’m expecting the URLs to get prettier (no more /index.php/), […]

My twitter feed…

is First one to add me gets the letter ‘Y’ and the number ‘7’.

Switching from Community Server to WordPress

The last time I started blogging, I chose Telligent’s .TEXT (later renamed to Community Server) after some research on the options available. It was the sensible choice at that time because 1- It used the (then hot) .NET with SQL Server, which I was playing with.2- It was Open Source.3- I had a feeling the […]