PTCL Broadband Cuts Rates (or Doubles Bandwidth) And removes the download limit

I heard the (semi-verified) rumor that PTCL is doubling its bandwidth from tomorrow (1st March 2008). They will be dropping the 256k package, and bringing all costs 1 step down, so the new rates are going to be 512kbps for 1200Rs. and 2Mbps for 5000 Rs.! That is a step closer to the rates that should have been the last few years.

With the frequent bans (youtube last week, blogger/blogspot today), I can't see what we will do with all this extra bandwidth, but it is generous of PTCL nonetheless. Lets see if knows how to limbo.

UPDATE: It is official now! [link] They are also removing the download limits.


  1. Raza says:

    If that is true, it’d be awesome! I got 256k and I love it no end!

  2. ali says:

    Ptcl sucks ……..wateen and Rocks

    • Sajid says:

      By the way, as far as wateen is concerned, It sucks in all aspects, technically, bandwidth, rates , customer service and etc etc.

    • Zeshan says:

      Bro you have to go through your stats, PTCL is the fastest, cheapest, and much efficient than other services.

  3. Raza says:

    heh, right! It runs smooth as hell, what ya talking about?

  4. Sohaib Athar says:

    Yes it is pretty smooth – Wateen works fine when it works, but I know atleast two people who have had to get it uninstalled due to instability. PTCL, btw, is still giving me 256K – maybe when the day ends…

  5. Momekh says:

    That is great news.
    I have still to decide which one to get:

    PTCL vs. LINKdoNET vs. CYBERnet

    Given that download is unlimited, kbps per kbps, which service is better, any ideas?


  6. Momekh says:

    And btw FYI, your server time is Amreekee, no? It’s 1st March, 6:38PM from where I come from, and I know now that that is where you (hence this blog) come from as well. 🙂

  7. Sohaib Athar says:

    Umm yea I haven’t bothered to set up the times properly, need to upgrade WordPress as well.
    I went with PTCL after some research and don’t regret it at all – I haven’t had any down-time in the last two months. may or may not be better, their Egyptian customers aren’t really happy with them (google and you’ll find the blogs saying so), and I am a pretty unsatisfied Mobilink customer so…
    I have first-hand experience with Wateen – it is really shaky in most of the areas. Once PCMCIA Wimax cards start arriving, then Wateen would probably be a better choice due to mobility. The couple of offices that I used Wateen have stopped using them after trying them for 2 months. So even though PTCL brand image is not that great ATM, but their service has been (surprisingly) good. It might have to do with getting a number hooked to their brand new exchanges too (I had to switch from a 668 to a 662 number before I could get their DSL).

  8. Adnan Ali says:

    Hi Shoaib. My brother and I are going through discussions to move from World Call to one of Wateen, PTCL and LinkDotNet. Your user experience sure helps. Can you write again in about two weeks time so we can see if the experience has changed a bit. Also, did you get the wireless modem they promised you?

    I am adding you to my Facebook profile. Hope we can meet some day.

  9. Sohaib Athar says:

    Adnan, I am glad it helped you form an opinion. Actually, I got lazy and never called PTCL about the wireless, I am ok with using my old netgear router for now. I’ll probably do that after they upgrade – I heard that PTA has given PTCL till the 10th of March to update the bandwidth they promised.
    I will definitely share my experience here once they upgrade, though I retired from downloading ‘stuff’ 5 years ago. You might want to join telecom-grid-pakistan on google groups, pretty interesting conversations on bandwidth take place there. Thanks for visiting and adding me up 🙂

  10. Burhan says:

    hey guys is it true that downloads on ptcl dsl are really unlimited? and which dsl is better ? or ptcl seeing as they have the same packages … there was also mention of modem on 12 month contract basis … what does that mean?

  11. Sohaib Athar says:

    Yes Burhan, that’s the new deal – another issue with WiMax that someone mentioned on the PU mailing list is – they have a single gateway, and rapidshare etc. does not work for 99% of the users due to that.
    The modem deal is, after 12 months you get to keep the modem (which isn’t a big deal as such – the modem they give isn’t exactly state-of-the-art).

  12. Imran says:

    Well i wanted to share my experience with PTCL Broadband, Cybernet DSL and Wateen Wimax.
    Well the one sucks the most and is the most worst service, that is Wateen.

    You pay more and have limited bandwidth and they dont give what they say. My 1 mb connection was like 256k of ptcl.
    restrictions on many sites, DNS solving problems, Bad customer centers and overall worst.
    going up is Cybernet. which is better then Wateen and is like average. But they too suck in customer support some times. plus rates and have speed issues.

    For PTCL We can say (andhon main kaana raja) But still it rocks.
    There unlimited bandwidth and price package is what makes them best.
    Though there is 10-20% loss in its speed. but better then any other.
    It is pain to get a phone connection if u already do not have one, then it will take 2-3 days to activate your connections and start using it.
    This too counts in bad side that u dont get the bill in starting 2 or 3 months and when u get it its triple the time u can pay.

    We all hope for it to improve, plus i am waiting for its wireless EVDO system to start in Quetta too.

    (Based on my personal experience with all 3 and 3 other firends experience with PTCL in Quetta)


  13. aasim qureshi says:

    What about wi-tribe its not good then all go and check yourself you can see the diffrence