Bomb Blast In Lahore

My wife normally picks up my son from school at 1:30AM. She had forgotten her cell at home today, and at 1:40PM I receiving a call on her cell from my son's friend's mother who had  heard a couple of blasts on her way home, and wanted to confirm my wife was okay. She told me the school administration was panicked and the roads were blocked all over. I could do nothing but wait – thankfully, she got home before they blocked the Mall completely.

The blasts, they say, were in the Naval Academy (near Zafar Ali Rd. and the canal). It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same… the last time I glanced at the TV, the death toll was 5 people. I don't know whether the motive was political or religious, or both (as our religion is inseparable from the state), but what I do know is that we love to cheer on the people killing their brethren in the name of religion – as long as it is happening in another country. Hmm, maybe I should move out of Pakistan and cheer the people fighting (killing) in the name of religion from a safe distance.