The Many Faces of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

I have always been impressed by the mainstream media’s expertise in selecting the perfect image of a person with just the right expression to support what is being said in the text. For example, in his pictures, Musharraf may look proud, happy, confused, tired, sweaty, adamant, dancing, drunk, defeated or victorious, depending on the publication and the affiliation of the publisher (just search google images if you don’t want to take my word on it).

I think the big media guys accomplish this by using high-speed cameras to take a few hundred images per session, and then tagging each image with the expression it conveys before putting them into their image archives. This way, the authors can probably pick up the right image by a simple tag search.

If my theory is correct, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has four popular images on the internet right now, and they are probably tagged…

“Normal Aafia”



“Muslim Aafia”, “Taliban Aafia”



“Convict Aafia”, “Guilty Aafia”, “Prisoner Aafia”



and finally “Victim Aafia”, “Latest Aafia”



The last picture the least used. In fact, I have only seen on a few Pakistani websites and have yet to see it used by an American publication. Do let me know if there are any more images around and I can add them to this list.

3 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui”

  1. we are with you dr fouzia INSHA ALLAH AFIA will release very soon
    ALL my prayers are with you i solute your struggle.

  2. I hate people for hating Muslims and wrongly accusing people when they done nothing. How could someone treat a human body like that. Sick bustur&ds! Obsessed with sex! They can even abuse their own mum and daughter! Incesters! Insh Allah I hope she returns to her children soon. They can do allot damage but they can’t do anything to her soul!

  3. u r the daughter of pakistan! i dnnt know why pakistani goverment r doing nothing still??/??is the khasmir problem same like the doctor case????………… try try and again try till u dnnt win the war! nowaday we forget our sister pain……..

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