Startup Insiders Lahore Videos

I went to the Vahzay office last week to meet Athar Osama (after 4 years) on his short visit to Lahore, and had my portable hard disk with me, so Imran Zia was nice enough to copy the full Starup Insiders videos for me – and this is how I ended up with the videos for SI3 (4GB – the one I attended) and SI6 (5GB – the one I missed) on my hard disk, waiting to be sliced and uploaded to youtube or GoogleVideo. I'll probably compress/clip/upload them during some free timeslot this weekend (I still need to find a decent software to do that – I'm a youtube uploading n00b – suggestions are welcome), so stay tuned and if you missed the sessions (which were very interesting) and I will upload the videos whenever I can.