Memory Hungry PHP Applications on Shared Hosting

If you run your WordPress on a shared hosting server like / (which have excellent service by the way), and have several memory-hungry php applications or WordPress plugins installed, you must have run into an "Allowed memory size exhausted" fatal error a few times. For me it happened yesterday while uploading a mere 12MB of images (1MB per image) and trying to ask the NextGen Gallery plugin to discover them and generate thumbnails. WordPress ran out of memory after 32MB and died with the above exception.  Though one can't ask a lot from a 6$ per month hosting provider, and since 32MB ought to be enough for everyone (hehe), I decided to spend some valuable time in trying to find a workaround to the limitation, before deciding to dump the NextGen plugin. Here's what I found out: Read more “Memory Hungry PHP Applications on Shared Hosting”

Fixing Sociable plugin implode error with WordPress 2.2

I’ve been trying to find some spare time to properly set up this blog before actually blogging. So far things haven’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked.

First, I started getting the same 404s after upgrading to WordPress 2.2. After a few email exchanges with webhost4life, they upgraded my server to PHP5 and that seems to have solved the problem.

Then I had to select the plugins to run here, and each plugin came with its own bugs and problems. For tagging support, I’ve switched from Jerome’s Keyword plugin to the Simple Tagging plugin, as it has more features, and more importantly, because the next WordPress version (2.3) is going to have a native tagging support, and the alpha release has import functionality implemented for Simple Tagging (I’m not sure about other tagging plugins), so the upgraded should be relatively easy.

Sociable, the social bookmarking plugin, gave me a tough time. On installation, its Options screen was generating a bunch of php ‘implode’ errors, with a messed up configuration screen. Though I’m not a php guy (C++/Java are my main tools), after looking at the code, one of the errors seemed to have to do with its auto-update functionality. Disabling the auto-update functionality by creating a new empty body for the function by change the line

function sociable_update_version() {


function sociable_update_version() { }

function sociable_update_version_original() {

seems to work. After setting the options to default, I was able to drag/drop/enable/disable the various buttons, and though the save button still generated the php errors, the blog post pages reflected my changes.

But… (why is there always a but) it broke the theme that I had finally settled on and tweaked for the blog, and all other themes were working fine.

I think I’ll let it go for now and move on to more important things, like blogging for example.

Tag test

Testing the Tag Warrior plugin… it mentions using .htaccess so I hope this works… here goes…

UPDATE: It didn’t work 🙁 I was getting 404 on the local tag links, so had to disable it. Trying other plugins now.
UPDATE: Ultimate Tag Warrior didn’t work, two other tagging plugins didn’t work, now trying jerome’s keyword plugin.
UPDATE: Jerome’s plugin works, after hacking the theme template… I’m afraid of dependencies but I’ll let it stay for now.
UPDATE: I got tagwarrior to work by using /index.php/tags as the base url… but the search doesn’t work, so I guess I’ll have to disable it and go with Jerome’s plugin after all.