Bomb Blasts in Lahore – Again

blow me downLast month, my son told us, “There was a bomb in our class”. There wasn’t, of course, just some kids in his class (who probably watch too much TV) acting out what they saw using their imaginations. I certainly didn’t want him to know what a fucked up world we live in so soon in his life.

I went to sleep at 6 in the morning and just woke up at 10. Three (perhaps 4) bombs have exploded in Lahore so far today – the TV says more are expected (I wonder how they knew that). Thanks for the wake-up call my terrorist brothers. Who needs peaceful sleep anyway.

2 thoughts on “Bomb Blasts in Lahore – Again”

  1. thanks for visiting Lahore Nama – I have been visiting your site and admiring its appearance and easy navigation..
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  2. Thanks Raza,
    I try to stay in touch with almost all active Pakistani blogs and find you writing on 3-4 of them atleast 🙂 – I was thinking of changing the theme but I guess I will postpone it for now 🙂

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