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Its been one year since I started working with the Blue Brain Project team. Dr. Felix Schürmann, the Project Manager of the Blue Brain Project, informed me last week that the project is officially entering its next phase very soon, which has got me pretty excited. Meanwhile, here's what the rest of the world of […]

I Built the Empire State Building

There this Indonesian Lotte Puzzle gum sold for Rs.10 (18 cents) these days which comes with two gum sticks and a cardboard/plastic model/puzzle pieces that my son really likes. Last week we got the Taj Mahal, this week it was the Empire State Building. There are no instructions (uh its a puzzle), so I saved […]

WordPress Image Gallery Woes

Why is it so hard to have a photo album integrated into WP?! I have thousands of pictures on my harddisk taken over the last 10 years or so that I want to upload, Flickr doesn’t give the control that I want. This week, I took out my rusty Canon G6 (well, not rusty but […]

The (revised) Maslow Hierarchy

Another need is born…