Musharraf Can Joke (New Business Opportunities)

shirtWho says our President Musharraf can't joke? Here's the latest news from GEO:

PARIS: President Pervez Musharraf Tuesday invited French businessmen to invest in Pakistan without any fears, saying circumstances are conducive for investment in the country. Addressing business executives at a hotel after reaching here in the second leg of his visit, President Musharraf assured safety to the foreign investment and pointed out that the terrorists have never hit business entrepreneurs in the country …

So, can you spot the cruel joke in there? Though the word 'Frenchman' itself is an oxymoronic joke to some, the one I am referring to is how our President (who seems to lack sincere advisers these days) actually used the F word ('fear', you effin eff!) in a room full of French business people! Of all the places in the world, he had to do it in France!

Didn't anyone tell him about what French people are famous for?! On second though, maybe he was just trying to help the French by giving them a chance to work in the most dangerous country in the world, or maybe his speech was written by an american master with a sense of humor. I wish I were there to see it happen (please point me to a recording if one exists please).

(When a country's president has to point out that 'look! our terrorists don't kill entrepreneurs!", that is another huge sick joke, but we aren't supposed to notice that.)

In the last couple of weeks, two potential client firms from Europe that we were negotiating with, politely 'postponed' their decision to start their outsourcing centers in Lahore after hearing about the blast at the GPO. So let us make some lemonade… forget 'Destination Pakistan', there must be a huge untapped market in T-shirts and other memorabilia around the '… most dangerous…' phenomenon – and pretty soon, it may be the only viable business option left for us, so let us start practicing. Let us ask our terrorist brothers to keep blowing people up, while you and I can start selling stuff. Here's one I just made [], wear it with pride!