PTCL Triple Play Project

LESCO, teamed with my local ISP (who gives bandwidth on LAN, and therefore, dies with every one hour power failure) finally made me bite the bullet and move to the PTCL Triple Play Project aka Broadband Pakistan today. The PTCL techs just left after installing the connection (in 10 minutes) and the speed tests so far are not bad at all.

PTCL speed

Contrary to my expectations, I have had a very smooth customer service experience till now. One of the few good things about Broadband Pakistan is that you can get it upgraded and downgraded for free with one phone call, and you will be charged according to your usage. They didn't give me a wifi modem though (they save them for the 1Mbps lines, discriminating 8@$tards!), but told me to call their office after 4-5 days and they will change the modem (I hope they are true to their words). Now I just need to test the one dozen UPSes lying around to find a working one and I'll be a bit less dependent on LESCO.

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  1. Honestly, LESCO is planning to team up with ISPs to provide broadband over powerline (BoPL) services to its electricity subscribers.

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    BTW, Torture is never right or moral.

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  5. LMAO ! LESCO to bring broadband service to her employers ?? What they’ll download the electricity from and will send us in an e-mail ?

  6. Re. the “smooth experience,” is that still on? PTCL (contrary to my expectations) has friendlier packages compared to other ISP’s. I use MBL in isb but have always wanted to enjoy unlimited 2MB/4MB. The only hindrance – so far – has been the “bad CS experience” (first+second+third hand) PTCL is notorious for.

  7. I m using 4mb internet connection but it have slow speed as it was on old packge, currently download speed is 50 to 80mb / seconds? is this fine speed or not?


  8. Theres nothing like first hand experience. After humiliating myself for over a year, four EVO/nitro devices changed, countless support tickets and hours of agony I have finally reverted to Micronet three days ago.

    I had a 9.3Mbps Nitro device and the data rates kept fluctuating between 0.15Mbps and 2.5Mbps. The biggest problem was disconnections, every few hours in the best case and every few minutes in worst case.

    Support is so damn pathetic, everything done on papers. You don’t even receive a callback and the complaint gets closed.

    Bottom line: PTCL lived up to expectations.

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