Book Sequels Suck

I stopped watching TV more than 5 years ago, and never had a regret. A combination of DVDs, RSS Feeds and books gives a much better value-for-money (assuming time is money) than surfing 100+ cable channels, and (mostly) no ads.

I have one complaint though, the life cycle of a good scifi series or saga is much longer than a TV show. The Dark Tower (Stephen King) finally ended (in a recursion) last year, and Harry Potter will finally end this month. That still leaves me waiting for

    A Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin)
    Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)
    Ender (Orson Scott Card)
    Alvin Maker (Orson Scott Card)
    Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling)
    Miles Vorkosigan (Lois McMaster Bujold)
    Saga of Seven Suns (Kevin J. Anderson)

Now, when I pick up a (fiction) book, I make sure it is either a stand-alone novel, or a complete set of novels. I installed the Facebook Visual Bookshelf application last week, and wasted an hour trying to remember the books I read last year. Shelfari and LibraryThing are other similar Web2.0 sites that I have to check out after I finish Robert J. Sawyer’s award-winning novels. With the spare time that I have these days, I’m averaging about a book per two days, so if you have any recommendations, do let me know : )