Rumor of a Bomb Found at National University / FAST Lahore

I was just told that a bomb (or something that looked like a bomb) was found at the reception of National University (aka FAST) Lahore a couple of hours ago, and they will keep the university closed for four days. I haven't verified the news from another source yet, but if this is true, then at this rate, this generation of kids will either graduate a few years late, or will have a degree that does not actually cover the required years of study. On the other hand, the distant learning market looks like an attractive business option.

UPDATE: I just got the verification from two more people – there were phonecalls about two bombs, and apparently the institute has been receiving threat calls the whole week.Surprisingly, there is no news yet about the incident online (its been three or four hours now). The calling party demanded to close the college for a week – I do hope it is an early April's fool joke.

5 thoughts on “Rumor of a Bomb Found at National University / FAST Lahore”

  1. Well, its really strange but as i witnessed the evacuation personally, i can’t simply neglect the possibility, however there’s been no update on internet…

    i wonder, even if it was merely a rumor, why did they evacuate, and declare today’s off…

  2. I am student of Fast. I witnessed the whole evacuation. Rumours are that “something like a bomb” was actually a fake bomb (a brick wrappedup with wires and clock).

  3. i am a student of FAST NU LHR as well. i missed the evacuation as i came back home early cos didnt have a class that was supposed to be. i kept getting updates from my friends there. i dont think the uni will be closed for the next few days or we would have been informed, and also my friend asked the guard there,and he said that FAST will be open tommrow.

  4. Thanks for the verification guys. It is funny that before elections, each and every threat was in the news a couple of hours after the threats, but this time, even if it is a hoax, it seems to have been covered up. Sure, the coverup is justified in case they don’t want to create unnecessary panic, but it was a more important news than the PM attending his son’s wedding :-/

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