Who Are You?

I’m curious to know a bit about how the visitors to this blog landed here. Leave me a message on Twitter or somewhere else if you feel like introducing yourself!

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  1. Hello Sohaib, im surprised your blog hasnt received thousands of comments as your Twitter account now has over 60,000 followers. I just came to tell you who am I: just a mexican student that is speechless about Osama’s death. Not because im a supporter of his ideals nor because his death relieves me. Simply because i care more about the thousands of innocent civilians killed during the American occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other places. This is what people should worry about. I do not know your position on this topic, but as a citizen of the world I believe every death is a tragedy that shouldnt be exalted or celebrated. Even Osama’s.



  3. I’m 19 yr old student from sri lanka. I want to subscribe you. But i’m on your site from my mobile. I’ll subscribe you later. I came from google but i saw your name on a newspaper before. Like to keep in touch with you!

  4. Es increible la experiencia que le ha ocurrido. Usted in intencionalmente ha quedado en la historia, que se siente?

  5. Hi ,
    Love reading your twitter messages latley, you should do a local tour on all the local business’s Osama would have visited, like local shop , local pub, local church , local golf course, the whole world is watching you know, get famous

  6. Hi ,
    Love reading your twitter messages latley, you should do a local tour on all the local business’s Osama would have visited, like local shop , local pub, local church , local golf course, the whole world is watching you know, get famous. Take heaps of photos , make them funny . Good luck .

  7. Computer science student and Linux enthusiast from India, and one of the first few to discover your now world-famous tweets. Fellow coffee addict as well. 🙂
    A large general majority of the Indians don’t normally think too much about Pakistani public and when they do, they aren’t feelings of attachment etc. But going through recent events and the stuff that you talk about (Lahore to Abbottabad migration) – it makes our hearts go out to you guys. As Indians, we pay heavily for living in a heavily corrupt system. But atleast the price we pay due to our leadership and the “system” stops there. In general, we can atleast live in peace. Now realising that you guys battle a lot more problems. Hoping that you guys find a peaceful life in your country soon.

  8. Hi Sohaib,

    I came here after news broke on Twitter that you had – inadvertently – live blogged the Obama raid!

    I am also a software developer and a father and I look forward to following your blog more closely.

    All the best,


  9. I came here to keep up with you. You are the lone real time logger of one of the greatest moments in American history. I hope you personally benefit.

  10. Hello, I watched a news clip about your tweets, then read your tweet timeline and looked at some of the photos, and then followed your twitter profile link to here. Reading the entries and would be interested in some followup regarding what happened with your child’s medical treatment (the scar you mentioned). So sad that most of our world (developed or not!) does not provide adequate health care.

  11. Hi Sohaib,I’m hamid, I came here to know how you reached to this level of credibility that led us follow u in news websites, twitter, and many other, and finally into this wonderful image introduction. You don’t know me well, But i’m keen on becoming an active member & follower of you. Nothing common b/n us, you are much better than me.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Hi, I’m Aishwarya, I’m from India. Well, I came across your twitter account while researching the Osama raid like the hundred thousand or so others. Its the first time I have actually read a Pakistani’s point of view on anything actually. I have always found the views on Pakistanis by some people in our country very biased and disturbing Reading your views made me realise I was right. I’m not sure if our countries will ever be able to resolve whatever conflicts but I just wanted to say that there are people here who would still like to be friends 🙂

  13. i’m from the US, lived in islamabad (04). healthcare is also my passion, and learning to code. thanks for your efforts/humor, am following on twitter.

  14. Hey man, I’m Martin. 28 from Atlanta, Georgia.

    I came here after reading your twitter feed/faq after the past events pertaining to OBL (damn, am I that lazy2.0 to where I abbreviate everything. IGS). I think its fascinating how a quick social networking blurb has made you into such a sought after person. I’d imagine you probably wouldn’t have posted anything in the first place had you been able to see the future, but what’s done is done.

    It’s safe to say I know you from the “online” world.

    Do we have anything in common? I’m willing to bet we both spend too much time online, but the quality of time spent can only be measured in the eye of the beholder.

    Hope your doing well, and I hope your life returns to a relative state of normal sooner than later.

  15. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog during your prime time twitter hype 🙂 Very interresting to read the various blog posts and opinions not related to the hype. As for the other questions, we never met (online or offline) and probably never will (unless you will be a tourist visiting Europe and by chance walk past on the same streets as me).
    Take care.

  16. i read about you in a news article — how you unwittingly were tweeting about the events that were going on in your neighborhood. i decided to visit your site — you have an interesting writing style, an excellent command of the english language, and a great sense of humor. (i enjoyed your faq’s) perhaps you should capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame and write a book!

    btw, i’m a 54 year old mother of four from the usa.


    p.s. your son is adorable. 🙂

  17. OK, I’ll admit that it was the Twit story on HP that got me looking. Well, not so much the Liveblog story as your answers to the questions. You were civil, patient, witty and above all sincerely open in your answers.

    I was instantly hooked.

    As a member of another blog community, I can only say that you would fit in like a glove.

    My hat is off to you in respect, friend that I will never know – may your journey be fun, your pains be few, and may peace and joy find you when you most need them.

    Shanti. Prem. Asha.

    Khuda Hafiz.

  18. Hi Mr. Athar. I was brought here today via a link in Network World’s BuzzBlog. Beyond that, I do not know you. However, we do share a somewhat common link through IT… you as a programmer, I as a system (storage) administrator.

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed what there is of your blog, what I have read of your twitter stream (I have not followed as yet), and your FAQ. I love your sense of humor. It reminds me of, well, me. And I really love the fact that you are NOT milking the situation for money. That is a most humbling statement, as I do not know that I could be as strong.

    If you should see a follow request from @trmar10, that will be me. I do not tweet much, but I listen alot.

    Take care!!

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