I Built the Empire State Building

There this Indonesian Lotte Puzzle gum sold for Rs.10 (18 cents) these days which comes with two gum sticks and a cardboard/plastic model/puzzle pieces that my son really likes. Last week we got the Taj Mahal, this week it was the Empire State Building. There are no instructions (uh its a puzzle), so I saved some time by (secretly) cheating and made this:


I didn’t get my gum share though :-/

5 thoughts on “I Built the Empire State Building”

  1. There are 9 in total. I have seven.
    Big Ben, Wisma 46, Empire State Building, Taj Mahal, Pyramid, Leaning Tower of Pisa and KLI 63.

    I know I’m missing Burj Al Arab and one more.

  2. he he ! …
    well ! i have all the 9 puzzels , and they are just too amazing ! .. i have almost completed my ship series tooo ! and they are worth having ! just amazing

  3. I come from Indonesia, and I’ve got all kind of the Lotte Puzzle, except this series. I’ve only got 4, although I can only made 2 kinds, To Sohaib Athar, could you made the guide to make Wisma 46 and Burj Al Arab ?

  4. Randy,
    It is hard to keep paper-puzzles alive with a 4 year old kid in the house, especially if they are HIS puzzles 🙂
    I do remember that I had to think a bit doing the two above, and had to look at a dozen google images of the buildings before I got it. Maybe that will help you too.
    For Wisma-46, there we two smaller pieces that went parallel to the 2 larger pieces, like this: ||.
    I’m basically re-living my childhood with my son these days 🙂

  5. Hey guys! Want the guides to construct the puzzle? Mention and follow me @listaa_cinn to get the guides and I’ll followback. I have all 9 of them.

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