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Its been one year since I started working with the Blue Brain Project team. Dr. Felix Schürmann, the Project Manager of the Blue Brain Project, informed me last week that the project is officially entering its next phase very soon, which has got me pretty excited. Meanwhile, here's what the rest of the world of […]

B(ack)log Links – Part One

I just took a look at my 'FOR BLOG' bookmarks folder and was amazed to see the number of pages (66) I have bookmarked during August, with the intention to write about them here, but never got the chance. So, in an attempt to cross that task from my TODO list, I'm posting some of […]

Pakistan’s Haier Edukation Instillations, Kwality Ashorance and PTCL Broadband

I read about HEC's discounted rates for the PTCL broadband for people affiliated with their institutes, and was going to ask my younger brother (who teaches at NUCES) to get me a connection, but it turned out that their ONLINE subscription form link is dead. Sad irony. Stripping down the port :88 from the URL […]