Pervaiz Musharraf is Advertising on Facebook!

musharraf-adAs far as I remember, Facebook does not give away free ad space, so I was surprised to see this ad in the picture for a Pro-Pervaiz group named “GEN. MUSHARAF IS THE RIGHT LEADER FOR PAKISTAN” on my Facebook homepage.

The ad says:

Pervaiz Musharraf – He has fulfilled yet another promise by holding fair and transparent elections. Bringing in the real democracy.

The group description says (typos are theirs, links are mine):

We support the President as he has given Pakistan and the Pakistani’s a sense of dignity.He has given us economic boom and sustained growth of the GDP..And he remains with the saying,”Saab Seh Pehlay Pakistan” Yet he fulfilled another promis by holding Fair & Transparent Elections in Pakistan. He has brought in true Democracy as well.

Now, I can grok Musharraf lovers gathering on Facebook, but actually spending money to advertise to me I just don’t get (and don’t like either), especially since my political affiliation is ‘Apathetic’ on Facebook. Isn’t he getting any FREE press coverage these days?

Perhaps I should set my Facebook location and networks to some place in the Antarctic region, and I’ll get to see some igloo ads instead of this stupid advertising. Go check the group out though, it will hopefully open up your heart and make you love our President.

PS. The more I try to stay away from political posts, the more they seem to hound me. Sorry.

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  1. Politics is business. Business requires marketing to even think of success. Musharaff did not appear on the Daily Show just because he liked the host. 🙂 The more you try to sell, higher the chances that you actually will. (sorry, I am wearing my Marketing Consultant cap today).

    Politics ought to be public service. But then again, NGOs ought to be made in the name of public service. None of this happens. The question is why?

    Interesting observation though. (And I really like the way you have shows the screenshot… which plugin you are using?)

    We, as human beings, only like to point
    fingers. I am actually sympathetic to Musharaf still, not because he is a great guy, but because I sincerely believe that the first 85 percent of his rule did set some things right. The last 15 percent blew it all away unfortunately, and it pains me to see many people rejoice that last 15 percent, saying that ‘is kay saath yaihee hona chahyae tha’. They make it sound so personal. It is personal. But not like this, not like this.

    Shaukat Aziz should be brought back. (not to be reinstated as PM, please… but to be put on trial for the wheat crises and the steel mill). Musharaff can be impeached, if politically possible. Zardari should, in either case, be sent back (to wherever he came from). The only option left is Nawaz Sharif. Lesser evil doesn’t look that ‘lesser’ these days, does it?

    P.S. staying away from political posts is futile… everything is politics. Or ought to be. You smile at the shop vendor because you think it is the right thing to do, that’s political as well. In a good way, but political nonetheless. 🙂

    Peace and God bless,
    Stay political (the rare, clean variety please)

  2. Momekh, I agree that politics, like any other business, requires campaigns, but I think campaigns should be limited to the “Musharraf for President” kind – this particular ad, even if it is from a support group rather than the Mush PR team in person, just didn’t seem right, maybe due to the spooky targeted ad nature.
    I just looked at the facebook terms of use, and it seems they don’t want such ads either – so it probably qualifies as a violation of their TOS.
    The page is
    They say:

    “Facebook provides the following guidelines to help you communicate more effectively with your desired audience. Please note that all advertising placed within Facebook must adhere to these guidelines, and Facebook reserves the right to reject any advertising that we deem contrary to our ad philosophy. These guidelines are also subject to change at any time.”

    and in the guidelines there is:

    # Politically religious agendas and/or any known associations with hate, criminal and/or terrorist activities
    # Political content that exploits political agendas or uses “hot button” political issues for commercial use regardless of whether the advertiser has a political agenda
    # Ads are not permitted to mention or refer to Facebook, its site or its brand in any manner, including in the title, body, image, or destination URLs.

    This certainly is blatant political content, and the ad refers to a facebook group, both are not allowed according to the facebook terms of use, which makes a lot of sense as it might offend people (like me)(religion and politics usually do), which affects the facebook brand itself. Next thing you know, Taleban will be advertising alongside Mush (which would be quite fun 😀 )

    Such advertising is apparently not allowed in “Commonwealth Elecotral Act” (whatever that is 😀 )

    The quick post was done with blogdesk ( and the image uses its built-in paper-tear effect. Its a pretty neat (and free) software, and will be perfect if they manage to add tags support (currently it has only categories support).

    Doc, it sure was funny, in a sad way.

  3. This is a piece of Land acquired by our leaders with so many sacrifices, but our Mentally Slave rulers like GENERAL MUSHARRAF and Corrupt ppl like ZARDARI’s have made it a PIECE OF SHIT. The people have no vision, the judiciary is not going to be restored because a criminal will always protect the other criminal as is the case of Musharraf Vs Zardari. This a country of HYPOCRITE ppl. Had it been in a European or other developed country the ruler would’ve got impeachment as well as hanged to death within no time. Look at Musharraf who received the GUARD of HONOUR after so many crimes. A pity to the nation.Now look at the crimes below :

    Most Importantly Musharraf was the main Culprit behind all this although administratively the faces were different

    1) We are on the verge of losing NWFP

    2) We are on the verge of losing Baluchistan

    3) Flour crisis created by MUSHHOO One Roti PKR 5

    4) Killed innocent ppl

    5) Delivered to Guantanamo bay all innocent ppl just to plz Americans

    6) Killings on Innocent ppl on 12th May

    7) Violation of Human Rights…………Banned Entry of Imran Khan in Sindh 4 times

    8) House arrested Judges

    9) Threatened Chief Justice in his Uniform at GUNPOINT

    10) HOUSE ARRESTED DR. QADEER the GREAT MUSLIM PAKISTANI SCIENTIST and labelled him as a liar in front of the ppl with malafide intentions

    11) Included in the Top 3 Most Corrupt Nation…..Courtesy Transparency International

    12) Pakistanis reputation got worsened than a DOG

    13) India and China are Far Ahead in the Race

    14) Millions and Billions of Fincial Scam in Gwadar

    15) Embezzlement of Earthquake Relief Funds given by Int’l Community

    16) Obtained property in Islamabad at throw away prices worth PKR 5.5 Billion………Some of them In Bahrisa Town and in Gwadar

    17) Killings of LAL Masjid PPL

    18) During 9 years more than 5000 Army officers were killed

    19) More than 100 SUICIDE BOMBINGS

    20) CREATED HANDPICKED JUDICIARY………….This was the event criticized by even the congressmen and American Senators and Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords in the UK

    21) Pakistan’s image like a PIECE OF SHIT, due to the So-Called war on Terror

    22) SWAT and Waziristan became another Waterloo

    23) Extra Judicial Killing of Bugti

    24) Bilal Musharraf ………(the Bastard) deliverd Afia Siddiqui to Americans for few bucks….. some thousand dollars


  4. I fully support the Moral of the above post


    And since the court has already started proceedings against the coward Heejra General lets hope and pray that he is hanged (or better thrown to dogs)

  5. hhhhhhhhhhhhi. i am big fan of Parvez Mushraf in the world. becz he so assum and gud looking persionality.and i am with u??????????????

  6. i Love General Pervaiz Musharraf.
    he is the ever best ruler of my Pakistan after The Great Quaid.

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