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Visual Pollution in Lahore

I often spend my early mornings on the porch, recounting the wires outside my house (twenty-four in total, including the electric, phone, cable and a couple of unidentifiable ones) while I take in my morning nicotine hit. My neighborhood is a closed ‘colony’ with no shops or commercial activity allowed inside its premises, so I […]

1998 was 10 f—ing years ago

Just when I was enjoying an unhealthy hit of Deep Space 9 induced nostalgia and had almost forgotten the current date, the Onion had to hit my right in the face with this news report (Click to listen). Thanks Onion :-/

Bomb Blast In Lahore

My wife normally picks up my son from school at 1:30AM. She had forgotten her cell at home today, and at 1:40PM I receiving a call on her cell from my son's friend's mother who had  heard a couple of blasts on her way home, and wanted to confirm my wife was okay. She told […]