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Black Labels

Taken in the same room, these two images, together, define a large segment of the Pakistani populace like no blog post can. Cheers.

Celebrating Ramadan

I have invented this thing that I call “Roza-rolling” in the spirit of ‘rick-rolling’. It involves a Google image search on queries like “chicken roast” or “bbq meat”, wrapping a tinyurl around it, and throwing it towards my fellow Pakistani ‘Rozadaars’ on Twitter – during fasting hours. Thankfully, they don’t mind (I hope) due to […]

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Was Launched in Pakistan Last Month

The OLPC Pilot Project hit Pakistan last month without much fanfare. Infact, I don’t know of any tech blog that covered the event, and was told about the launch only by my brother. This came as a surprise considering that the whole world was uber-excited when the project was announced. The OLPC guys have a […]