Mush Address at 2300, Blog While You Can

I just got news from a reliable army guy that we are all set for martial law. The cable news channels (including PTV – "Baakhabar Pakistan") are going off after every few minutes, so I'll wait till 11PM before checking again.

The President of Pakistan address is scheduled at 2300 – probably so that people have had their dinners (and their tea, and after-meal smokes, and maybe a shot or two of whiskey to celebrate, if they are in the ruling class) and are too drowsy to complain or start protests. Also, its a weekend. Nice use of psychology there. Its a wonder the internet is still working, the first time Mush ousted Nawaz Sharif, I was in my office and had a satellite connection, but most of the dialup ISPs were shut down.

PS. I am surrounded by army guys (and ex-army guys) from all sides – my home address says "Officers Colony, Lahore Cantt" – with a huge ammo depot a few meters behind my house. All the land in Cantt supposedly belongs to the army, and could be reclaimed in 'states of emergency' according to the lease agreements.

3 thoughts on “Mush Address at 2300, Blog While You Can”

  1. Keep the communication channels open and running.

    The situation is too fluid and rumors either for or against the General’s action can do great harm. The country is in a delicate situation and nothing should be done to destablise it further till the situation gets clear.

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