Increase WiMax USB Modem Signals Even Further – Cantenna Version 2

An improvement over the Wimax Cantenna I shared in my last post, this configuration has taken the signal strength to new heights – ie. from the 40-60% of v1 to a consistent 80%!

The principal is the same as version 1: take a 330ml can, cut it into half (but laterally this time). Chop off both ends so that we are left with a concave sheet, make a slit in the center to insert the USB modem in, and try it out. I used scissors to cut the can, but be careful not to cut yourself. Plug the modem in, and find the angle and orientation that gives the best signal.

I get an 80% signal when the modem is almost parallel to the table surface, which is very counter-intuitive (as we expect antennae to be upright), but it may have to do with the relative position of the tower from my home in this small valley – and as long as it works, who cares!

Cantenna Version 2 Cantenna Version 2

Please do share your experience in the comments if you are a(n unfortunate) Wateen customer and if you try this hack out.

4 thoughts on “Increase WiMax USB Modem Signals Even Further – Cantenna Version 2”

  1. I work in Wateen and I am user as well. I really appreciate the experience you have shared with us to increase the signal strength of USB. Most of the time I am having issues with signals in basement. Other than that it is working fine. I must try your trick and will be update you shortly

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